Top 5 Best Bamboo Body Pillows For Better Sleep


Investing in a quality bamboo pillow can really most likely benefit your quality of sleep and general well-being and good health standard. Bamboo pillows are popularly known for that reason. They are normally hypoallergenic, great for people with allergies. Bamboo is a breathable substance, this keeps the pillows fresh and light, especially during Summer. Lots of bamboo pillows have memory foam features. This means your back, neck, and head are comfortable and supported, especially for you.

A full body-pillow is a great option for those with sleeping difficulties due to pregnancy, injury and lack of support by regular pillows.

Some things to take into account consider buying choosing a bamboo body pillow:

– Size and weight
– Firmness
– Warranty
– Materials used
– Removable cover
– Washing options
– Hypo-allergenic and dust mite resisting features
– Cost-effectiveness
– Sleep habits, i.e. side sleeper, back sleeper, pregnancy

Have a look at our choice of the Top 5 Bamboo Body Pillows:

5. Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Bamboo Combination Memory-Foam Body-Pillow with Kool-Flow Cover

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This is a fantastic choice for those looking for a bamboo pillow to use in hot climates. The Kool-Flow Cover is designed to breathe and keep you cool through the night. Fully-washable, this pillow won’t lose shape after washing, due to the shredded-memory foam technology inside. This product even has an incredible 20-year warranty.


– Hypoallergenic
– Won’t lose shape when washed
– 90-day refund guarantee
– Made from eco-friendly materials
– Breathable materials


– Slightly heavier than some other pillows
– Pricier than other options


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4. Memory-Foam Body-Pillow with Bamboo Cover – Large Firm Pillow for Adults

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Perfect for sleepers who want full-body support. The large size is ideal for adults and pregnant women needed extra support and comfort. The 5-year warranty keeps consumers happy and satisfied, as does the breathable cover and easy-to-wash features of this pillow. A trusty YKK zipper allows you to easily remove the pillow cover for fuss-free washing.

– Ideal for pregnant women and side-sleepers
– Removable pillow cover for easy cleaning
– Memory foam to support you according to your own shape
– Breathable bamboo for coolness and comfort

– Not very transportable due to large size
– Quite heavy so might not be easily moved during the night by some people


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3. Coop Home Goods – 20×54-Inch Shredded-Memory Foam Body-Pillow with Bamboo-Derived Viscose-Rayon and Polyester Blend-Cover

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CertiPUR-US Certified, the materials used in this pillow are ideal for pregnant women and those with allergies. No nasty chemicals or harmful materials used. The special type of foam used means the user can make the pillow as compact or fluffy to suit desired firmness. The supportive nature of the materials used makes this pillow ideal for those who need a little more support when they sleep.

– Hypoallergenic
– Dust-mite resistant
– CertiPUR-US Certified foam, this means there are no nasty chemicals
– Versatile materials allow it to be as thin or thick as the user desires
– Breathable and temperature-controlled
– 5-year warranty

– Some users have reported a strong smell
– Hard to re-position during sleep due to weight


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2. Five Diamond Collection Bamboo Covered 60inch Full Body Stay Cool Shredded-Memory Foam Body-Pillow

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An incredibly versatile bamboo body pillow. The entire pillow can be machine-washed and dried. The Shredded-Memory Foam ensures that the pillow will not go flat, and will keep the supportive shape. The cover has been formulated with breathability and ventilation in mind, this always ensures that you are kept cool in all seasons.

– Shredded-Memory Foam keeps shape
– Fully washable, throw in a front-loading machine on cold
– 5-year warranty
– Great size
– Fluffs-up well when put in the dryer

– Too firm for some tastes
– Some prefer solid foam, so shredded pillows like this aren’t suitable for them


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1. Avana Ellipse Memory-Foam Body-Pillow for Side Sleepers, 48inch, Bamboo

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This type of pillow normally comes in two choices, so there’s one to suit each height. The firmness of the design will most of the time ensures comfortable, pain-free sleep. The removable bamboo cover is safe for machine-washing and comes in three different colors, so most definitely one can go with preference color. There is also a 36inch size available as well, suitable for shorter people or those only needing partial body support.

– Two sizes available
– Multiple color choices
– Removable cover ideal for machine washing
– Soft-textured materials used
– Ideal for side-sleepers

– Not always suitable for light travel due to size and weight


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