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Bamboo Bathroom Cabinets

One of the biggest challenges facing households is lack of storage in the bathroom area. When it comes to shopping for bathroom cabinets, we understand that first hand information is very important. In this article, we have summarized for you the top 5 bamboo bathroom cabinets to help you make an informed decision.

05. Louver 24’’ by 28’’ Wall Mounted Cabinet

This handmade bamboo bathroom cabinet blends well with any home décor. It’s constructed from heavy bamboo wood and offers ample storage space to any bathroom. The overall width (side by side) is 24 inches while the overall height (top to bottom) is 28 inches. The cabinet is fitted with two shelves, 2 doors and a towel bar. The louver cabinet can be used to store all bath accessories.

The interior depth from front to back measures 13 inches. The raised feet of the cabinet ensures the lower part does not get into contact with the floor. You can be guaranteed that your bathroom essentials on the lower shelf will not get damp. Similarly, you can open the cabinet doors to allow fresh air to circulate inside. It’s easy to assemble and weighs only 11 pounds, hence easy to move from one corner of the bathroom to the other.

04. Kyoto Double Bamboo Door Bathroom Linen Storage Cabinet

This is a sleek, elegant double linen storage cabinet. It’s constructed from bamboo MDF wood and comes with two separate storage areas. You can arrange your linen according to your preference. The pure white frame brings a touch of sophistication to any bathroom décor. It’s roomy with one shelf on top section and the other one at the bottom section.

Once you equip your bathroom with this cabinet, it will look organized. It’s affordable, lightweight and environmental friendly. The bamboo construction is a guarantee it will last for long. The sleek shape makes it easy to fit in tight bathroom spaces. Further, the user takes a few minutes to assemble. You can also adjust the shelves and secure the cabinet on the wall to prevent tipping over.

03. Bamboo Tall Floor Cabinet

This Italian bathroom floor bamboo cabinet will enhance the look of any bathroom. It originates from Fujian, China. It features a roomy cabinet and two shelves that are easy to assemble. The slated design and contemporary square edge makes the cabinet attractive. One can pull the door to allow clean air to flow into the cabinet. The interior shelf offers an attractive storage for large personal items thanks to the unique construction. The spacious open adjustable shelf can be used to store bathroom essentials. It’s easy to clean and can be customized in size.

02. Target Marketing 23040NAT Bamboo Space Saver Cabinet

It’s made from 100% natural Eco-friendly bamboo. The cabinet can be used to store toiletries, towels, shampoo bottles and other bathroom essentials. It features one lower open fixed shelf and an adjustable shelf behind sliding doors. The cabinet has a right and left door. It’s designed to fit in tight bathroom spaces. The actual storage cabinet measures 25 inches long, 9inches deep and 20 inches tall.

It comes with a towel rack. On the other hand, it’s easy to assemble and can be mounted over the toilet. You can also move it around without extra assistance thanks to the lightweight feature. Apart from the cabinet being sturdy, one can easily screw it to the wall. The screws are included in the package. It’s recommended that you first consider the height of your toilet water supply line to ensure it’s not too high.

01. The 2 Door 26 “W x 33” H Freestanding Bamboo Bathroom Cabinet

This is a handcrafted of Eco-friendly bamboo designed to fit in tight spaces. It features a traditional styling to make your bathroom feel like a spa. The cabinet dimensions are; 11 inches in length, 26 inches in breadth and a height of 33 inches. It comes with 2 sliding doors to keep the interior hidden and 3 spacious interior shelves. The cabinet is crafted from a solid bamboo wood. Each shelf measures 0.5” H x 23.5” W x 8.875” D. The sturdy construction makes it durable and easy to clean. This is the perfect cabinet if you want to keep your towels neat and organized.

When choosing bamboo bathroom cabinets, the design of your bathroom should be the deciding factor. It’s important that you explore the above options to turn your bathroom dream to a reality.


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A shelf to keep everything organized and neat inside your bathroom is a must if you are a type of person who wants everything in perfect order. A shelf inside your bathroom is a perfect place to store your shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other bathing essentials.
The most common type of shelf used in the bathroom is the bamboo bathroom shelf. It is made of, well you guessed right, bamboo. It comes in different dimensions depending on the size of your bathroom.

Here, we listed the top 5 best bamboo bathroom shelf available and what made them stand out from other bamboo bathroom shelf.

Before we begin, let us learn why bamboo bathroom shelf is better than other types of bathroom shelf; Durable and Strong. Bamboo bathroom shelf is more durable than another shelf that is made up of steel or plastic. Bamboos are known for its strength and durability. It can withstand strong pressure and can sustain the weight of whatever you place on top of it.

Non-Corrosive. Other bathroom shelves, especially those that that are made of steel, can corrode easily due to constant exposure to water inside the bathroom. With a bamboo bathroom shelf, you will not encounter the same problem.Longer life span. Bamboo bathroom shelf can last longer than other bathroom shelves so it is worth your money.
Here are the top 5 best bamboo bathroom shelves available in the market.

#01.Deluxe 5-Tier Freestanding Bamboo bathroom shelf

The sturdy appearance of this 5-tier freestanding bamboo bathroom shelf makes this one of the top 5 best bamboo bathroom shelves. It is suited for medium-large sized bathrooms. The roomy design of each tier makes storage of different bathroom essentials easier. The bamboo that was used were also thick so expect a longer life span due to stronger bamboo.
This design is also available to 4-tier for smaller bathrooms.

Pros: No installation needed. Just place it anywhere in your bathroom as it is freestanding.Easy to assemble Durable and the thick bamboos make sure it can sustain the weight of whatever placed on it.

Cons: Not ideal for smaller bathrooms A bit expensive compared to other bamboo bathroom shelf style

#02. HOMFA 4-Tier Tower Free Standing Rack Multi functional Storage Organizer Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

The HOMFA4-tier bamboo bathroom shelf has a strong and smooth finish making it safe to touch for adults and young children. The 4-tier tower can support a total of 20 kg of the load with 5 kg per layer. The legs of the shelf are sturdy making with built-in fittings for an extra layer of stability. The fittings and the screws, which is the only steel in the shelf is treated with anti-rust so you don’t need to worry about them corroding anytime soon.

Pros: No installation required you can place the shelf anywhere you want as it is also can stand on its own.Easy to assemble Lightweight and easy to place any where Can fit in small bathrooms

Cons: Has the tendency to get crooked due to wrong placement of fittings

#03.Ollieroo 5-Tier Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

The Ollieroo 5-tier bamboo bathroom shelf has 3 upper layers of an open tier and 2 lower layers enclosed by a door. The tiers with a door are perfect storage for your towels to avoid getting dirty or wet. The slatted design of the bamboo also prevents water from staying on the layer.

Pros: Easy to assemble Has an enclosed layer No installation needed

Cons: Not suited for bathrooms with lower ceiling and smaller dimension

#04.Best Living Wall Mount Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

This is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Perfect place to store your bathroom essentials without getting too much space in your bathroom. It is also durable and sturdy with a provision for your towel.
Pros: It can fit small bath rooms has the option to be either wall-mounted or be a counter top Easy to assemble

Cons: Installation is required if chosen to be wall-mount Cannot store a lot of bathroom essentials Can only store up to 2 towels

#05.Natural Bamboo Bathroom Shelf – Towel Shelf Over Toilet

If you’re looking for a large bamboo bathroom shelf but can save space, check out this bamboo shelf that can be placed on top of the toilet bowl. It can accommodate a lot of bathroom essentials without using up too much in your limited bathroom space.

Pros: Space saver Easy to assemble has a sliding door No installation required

Cons: Expensive compared to other bamboo bathroom shelf

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Bamboo Bathroom Mat:

Bathrooms too need that touch to make them look beautiful even when you are not using them. They are different from ordinary rugs and are available in square, rectangular or even in an octagon shape. They are also very easy to clean. That’s why you need a bamboo bathroom mat.

These bathroom mats are made of pure bamboo. Bamboo bathroom mats are good in that they can be used even by people who suffer from allergies as they are 100% natural. This mats are also fire resistant and do not inhibit insects.

They are also made from sustainable resources. In the market today, there are so many bamboo mats. Sometimes it may be difficult to select from the wide varieties of brands available. Actually it can be confusing at times. We have gone out and researched and found the various mats available. Here are the top five bamboo bathroom mats for you.

#01.Grown up home deluxe bamboo bath mat

This bamboo bathroom mat is made of 100% bamboo and handmade using high-grade bamboo. It is both mold and stain resistant making it a durable mat for use in the showers and bathroom floors. It has a modern look and has a unique rectangular shape.

This mat is versatile and sturdy. It can be used for very many purposes both indoors and outdoors. Its ability to resist molds prevents it from rotting, decaying and harboring odors. Its rubber gripping feet prevents the mat from sliding and its raised design is to allow made to slide ff and drain with ease.


· They are easy to clean

· They dry off fast

· They are suitable for all weather conditions


· They are pricey

· It tends develops fungi over time

#02.Bambusi natural bathroom mat

Spice up your bathroom using a Bambusi natural bathroom mat. This bamboo mat can help you add some décor in your bathroom for its stylish and elegant. It is mold resistant making it very durable.

This mat is made for versatile uses and can be used in many other places apart from the bathroom its raised design makes it easy to drain off water easily for quick drying .Bambusi natural mats are also very affordable. Make your bathroom for appealing with this piece of Bambusi natural


· It has smooth edges making it safe for use

· It easy to clean and maintain

· It is 100% bamboo.


· Bamboo doesn’t not absorb water therefore it leaves the surface soggy.

· It is pricey

#03. Anji mountain kitchen bath mat

Bring some taste and class of tradition in your kitchen by having this beautiful bamboo bathroom mat. This mat is made of thee highest quality of bamboo to make it durable. It has an elegant design and a glossy look.

It is made of bamboo from the Anji Mountains of china. Which fibers are stronger than any wood fibers. Its glossy finishing makes it water resistant and therefore can’t rot easily. It also has non skid rubber gripping to prevent the mats from sliding off. And it’s also slightly raised to drain off water easily


· It does not warp easily

· It has a glossy finishing.


· It is only available in one design

· It is pricey.

· There are no many colors to choose from.

#04.InterDesign Mocha bathroom mat

Make your bathroom have an exotic look with this mat. This bamboo bathroom mat is stylish and elegant. It is also 100% bamboo. It will add some décor to your bathroom. It also has an attractive mocha finishing with a hard gripping backing to prevent it from slipping out of place.

It is also water resistant making it very durable and resistant to molding and decay. It is also slightly raised to enable it drain off water and dry easily.


· It has a shiny silky glossy finishing

· It comes in five different sizes

· It has thin bamboo strips


· It is only available in one color, brown.

· It is only recommended to be used by adults

· It is pricey

#05.Hankey C01 bamboos roll up mat

This mat is designed for those who love elegant and sophisticated designs. Its design makes it easy for air and water to flow though. It bamboo pieces are resistant to mold mildew and fungi. It has rubber pads bottoms fro firm gripping.

This handmade mate is unique and durable and can be easily rolled up for storage. Its vented design makes it easy for it to dry fast. It’s also very versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses. It is also very comfortable to step on.


· It can be used both indoors and outdoors

· It is easy to store


· It scratches easily

· It is pricey

· The mats binding runs off easily

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Bamboo Bathroom Caddy:

After a long hectic day at work, it’s very difficult to find the “me-time”. This has become the common scenario in every house across the globe. We don’t have even couple of minutes to spend quality time with our family or ourselves, due to the daily busy routines.

So what has to be done to rejuvenate oneself? Perhaps, you can go out for a short night walk in breezing winds or a self-meditation session in your room or a warm bath. Amongst all, the best way to feel relaxed is soaking yourself for an hour in a hot bath which will completely relieve your stress and fatigue and you will feel rejuvenated.

To make your bathing time more enjoyable, you should consider having a bath caddy. Bath caddy is nothing but a small rack that rests over the top of your bathtub giving you a place to keep your book, drinks or soaps and sponges in one easy to get place. These bath caddies have successfully occupied their place in modern bathroom accessories especially the bamboo bath caddies because they are natural and organic.

With bath caddies in place, you don’t need to worry about bathroom items piled up here and there as all your bathroom essentials remain handy & neatly organized so you can enjoy a perfect relaxed bath with a glass of wine, soaps, shower gels and your favorite book – all decked up on the bath caddy. Isn’t it innovative? Now you must be wondering as from where to get these smart bath caddies? Do not worry as we are here to help you in getting those bath caddies in your bathroom. Check out the top 5 best bamboo bathroom caddy you can get from

#1. Bath Dreams Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides:

Overview: Explore this luxurious bamboo bathroom caddy measuring 27-3/4 closed and 41-1/2 inches fully extended, left to right. Made with 100% eco-friendly bamboo, this bath-caddy is smartly designed with features like:

· Built-in cup holder for keeping a glass of your favorite wine, or a cup of soothing tea or coffee

· Fool-proof metal frame designed adjustable holder covered with special waterproof cloth to prevent your book, tablet or smartphone falling into your bath

· Complete adjustable bamboo bath caddy that can fit any tub or Jacuzzi design (wide, oversized rectangle, round or narrow).

· It folds back up easily and stores away conveniently, taking very little space in your bathroom

#2. Umbra Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy:

Overview: Take a look at this plush expandable bath caddy with dimensions 19.3 x 8.8 x 2.6 inches & extends to 40 inches. This bath-caddy is made from natural bamboo & comes with features like:

· Extendable sturdy steel arms that can be folded in and out as per the convenience

· Built-in wine glass holder that keeps the glass in easy reach and prevents spills

· Book/Magazine/Tablet holder which can be folded down when-not in use.

· Integrated hooks on the back which can conveniently hold your shaving razors and loofah

· A soap holder

#3. ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bathtub-Caddy with Extending Sides and Adjustable Book Holder:

Overview: Look at this stylish & multipurpose bamboo bathroom caddy with expandable arms so that-it sturdily fit-into any bathtub. Measuring 27.5in L x 8.75in W x 2in H – when fully extended,length extends to: 41.25in. Made from 100% natural bamboo with chrome-accents, this bath caddy has:

· A book/magazine/tablet holder which conveniently folds-down when not in use

· Expandable sides that can fit into any tub size

· Slide-in glass-holder for holding stemware glasses

· Soap & mobile phone holder

#4. Pristine Bamboo Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray with 12-in-1 Features:

Overview: Unwind yourself in the luxury with this premium bathtub caddy made with bamboo. This adjustable bath caddy expands from 29.5 to 43 inches in width & has some exciting features like:

· The high-quality non-slip silicone grip protects your bathtub & valuables

· Adjustable reading stand with rear cover to protect tablets and books

· An extra-wide wine glass holder & recessed phone slot

· Detachable recessed tray for snacks, nail polish, bubbles, and more

· Candle stand for aromatherapy

Along with this bamboo caddy, you’ll get FREE Luxurious Konjac Sponge and Deluxe Soap Dish.

#5. Bamboo Bathtub-Caddy with Rubber Grips:

Overview: Give yourself a spa treatment by getting this unique bamboo bath caddy of length ranging from 27.75 to 41.5 inches when fully extended. Measured to-fit any size bathtub, this bathtub caddy is a must have because of:

· Sturdy corner protection with rubber grips which ensures that corner of your bathtub tray does not slip or scratch the sides of your bathtub

· Waterproof book holder which conveniently folds up when you don’t want it

· Spill proof cup/drink holder

· Slideable caddy arms for effective space saving

So why not release your daily stress after a long tiring day, by pampering yourself in a hot relaxing bath with the help of a luxurious bath caddy.

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