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Today bamboo watch is becoming a popular item for the fashionable man and woman.People are buying this watch for many reasons.In this article I will try to help you to find the best bamboo watch.


01. What is Bamboo Watch?

02. Why People Buy Bamboo Watch ?

03. Top 05 Best Bamboo Watches for Men

04. Top 05 Best Bamboo Watches For Women

05. How To Take Care Of a Bamboo Watch ?

 What is bamboo watch? 

A bamboo watch is handcrafted to fit your modern style. It’s made from natural bamboo wood. The watch can be clear coated to add extra durability or polished with wood grain finish. It’s lightweight, stylish and water resistant. In addition, it’s 100% Eco-friendly and is designed to stand out from the crowd.

A bamboo watch is fitted with a natural bamboo adjustable wrist band and features a quartz analog display. The back cover is fixed with 4 tiny screws that are quite easy to replace. Further, it comes with a long lasting battery that is easily changeable. The watch can be a great gift idea for that special someone in your life. It’s unique and doesn’t cost you an entire paycheck.

Why people buy bamboo watch

· It’s Eco-friendly and economical

The moment you wear the watch on your wrist, you are keeping climate change on check. A bamboo watch is not only sophisticated but also conscious about the environment. A bamboo wood can be harvested in 1 to 5 years while oak wood takes up to 40 years to be harvested. When you compare the time a bamboo tree takes to mature, it plays a big role in reducing deforestation.

This puts less pressure to our environment .Once a bamboo is cut, the extensive root system will give room for growth of another shoot. Over the years, bamboo has been used as a substitute of hardwood. Secondly, it grows with minimal water consumption. Most species of bamboo trees thrive well in a wide range of climates. They grow in arid regions that other crops fail due to drought.

On the other hand, bamboo helps in conserving soil moisture since the roots are left on the ground after harvesting. There is no better way of leaving the future generations a better environment than through a bamboo watch.

· It’s lightweight and durable

A bamboo wood is light in weight and falls in the category of hardwoods. You can be assured that a bamboo watch will last for a long time. Unlike metal watches, the wood texture and colors become more developed and stunning with age. Similarly, some come with a battery life of up to 5 years. A watch can weigh a few grams making it comfortable to wear on the wrist. The sleek and minimalistic nature makes it perfect for a sophisticated man or woman.

· It can be worn with any outfit

A bamboo watch can go with any outfit you pick from your closet. Likewise, it can be worn on any occasion. Depending on the occasion, you can choose either an official or a casual watch. Further, it adds flair to your attire.

· It gets beautiful with age

The more you wear a bamboo watch, the more it becomes a beautiful piece without wearing down. A bamboo wood will absorb skin oils giving it a rich dark color. This is a unique feature, since modern watches get defaced after a few years. Although a bamboo watch may have some spots, this is not a quality problem. The watch can be a perfect gift for your loved ones, so you can remind them of the good times you spent together.

· It’s easily adjustable

Most bamboo wood watches come with an adjustable strap. In case it’s too big for your wrist, you can take a few joints out of the strap.

Top 5 Best Bamboo Watches For Men

05. SILILUN Wooden Bamboo Watch for men

This is a quartz analog watch for men and boys. The wrist band can be adjusted by taking a few joints out of the strap. The band length and width measures 250mm and 20mm respectively. The simple design helps one to read time easily.

It’s water proof but not recommended for use in water. The watch features a unique round dial and weighs 0.045 kg. It comes with a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. The SILILUN wooden bamboo watch is a perfect gift for your friends and relatives.

04. Viable Harvest Men’s Wood Watch

It’s crafted with natural Eco-friendly bamboo .The watch is specifically designed to help men who struggle with skin allergies as a result of wearing metal watches. It features a unique sundial design that incorporates ancient and modern times.

For constant and accurate timing, it is fitted with a Japanese quartz movement. In fact, one does not struggle when checking time thanks to the black inlay. The watch is ultra quiet, lightweight and comes with a long lasting battery that lasts up to 4 years.

The trap is made from genuine leather that is easily adjustable. It’s also reinforced with heavy-duty stitching and fits up to 22cm in length. The watch can be worn on a casual day and also looks nice on official business attire. It’s comfortable to wear and comes with 100% money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

03. Men’s Wooden Bamboo Watch with Genuine Brown Leather Strap

This is a Japan quartz watch. It’s made from 100% natural bamboo wood which is a good reflection of primitive ecology. The leather wrist band is made from cow hide. One can adjust the wrist band to fit the size of the wrist. It’s lightweight, comfortable on the wrist and lasts for a long time. In addition, it gives more precise time without any struggle.

The battery can last up to 3 years and can easily be replaced. The watch is water proof but not recommended for swimming. The watches can feature different colors based on the species of wood used. It may look unisex, but it’s specifically designed for men. This is the perfect gift for relatives, friends or loved ones.

02. Mecan Wooden Watch for men

This is a Japanese quartz watch specifically designed for men. It features analog display and a mineral glass that protects the watch. It comes with a natural bamboo wood case which gives natural texture on the wrist. The watch has preserved the natural characteristics of a bamboo in terms of color and texture.

The strap is made of cow hide which makes the watch comfortable on the wrist. On the other hand, the buckle closure is designed such a way that one can easily adjust to fit the size of the wrist. It weighs 68 grams .Every time the bamboo parts are exposed to sunlight; there is a little color difference.

The time is clear and easy to read. The Mecan wooden watch comes with 30-day customer satisfaction and money back guarantee. It’s water proof. However, it’s recommended that you remove it before swimming or taking a shower.

01. Bewell-ZS-W021A Natural Bamboo Wooden watch

The watch is crafted from natural bamboo material, hence healthy and comfortable to the wearer. It’s fashionable and attractive design allows one to wear with confidence. In addition, it features a light fragrant smell which helps to sooth the nerves giving a relaxed feeling. The Bewell watch comes with quartz movement which helps to give accurate time.

Further, it’s fitted with many functions like alarm, date, analog-digital double movement and luminous display. The wristband can be adjusted to fit your wrist. The watch is rectangular in shape and comes with 12/24 hour formats. It’s durable, since the battery can last up to 3 years.

The safe folding clasp makes it easy to put on and off. Since the watch is made of wood, it’s recommended that you don’t drop it in water to ensure it does not get out of shape. The watch can be worn during official and non-official occasions. It also matches with any kind of outfit. With Bewell watch, you don’t have to worry about time or getting late for work.

Top 5 Best Bamboo Watches For Women

05. Mecan Women Bamboo Watch

This is a stylish unique watch. It features a Japanese quartz movement with analog display. It’s fitted with a glass covering to protect the watch. The case diameter and thickness is 38mm and 10mm respectively. The watch comes with a comfortable calf leather strap and an adjustable buckle closure that has 7 pin holes. It’s comfortable to wear for those women with small and large wrists.

The face of the watch is smaller than the normal wooden watches thanks to the brilliant construction. In addition, everything has been kept simple since, it does not have numbers of roman numerals. It’s beautifully crafted making it fashionable and suitable for everyday use. It’s waterproof. However, it should not be used for swimming. It’s also advisable that you remove the watch before taking a shower.

04. Bewell W139A Ladies Watch

It features a natural colorful bamboo case and a metallic dial plate. It’s equipped with metal pointers for easy viewing of time. The wrist is made of genuine leather that does not shrink. In case you want to choose a different type of color strap, you can change it by just pushing a button.

The retro casual style makes it suitable to wear with any dress outfit. One can match with handbags, shoes etc. It features a Japanese quartz movement which makes it suitable for everyday use. Further, the battery can last up to 36 months and is easily replaceable. The watch should not be soaked in water or exposed to sunlight for a very long time.

03. Fashion lover’s Quartz Watch

This is a high quality watch that comes at a reasonable price. It’s available in variety of styles so all you have to do is choose one that is right for you. It features a precise quartz movement which ensures you keep time. The watch is made of Hardlex which makes it scratch resistant.

The case diameter, band width and band length measures 44mm, 20mm and 250mm respectively. Although it’s water proof, it’s advisable that you don’t press any button while in water .It’s also recommended that you clean the watch face and the strap regularly with a microfiber cleaning cloth to lengthen the watch life.

The Fashion lover’s quartz watch comes with a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee and 1year replacement offer in case of quality issues. This can be a perfect gift for your friends and relatives. The finishing and quality is really good. It gives good value for money.

02. WOODFAN Bamboo Wooden Watch

The watch gives a true reflection of primitive ecology and consummate craft. It’s a clear representation of classic fashion in women. The face of the watch is round in shape and is made of real bamboo covered with glass. This bamboo watch comes with a soft strap that can be adjusted to fit any wrist. In fact, it’s designed to be longer than what you need such that you can resize it the way you want.

The watch weighs 32 grams. It’s water resistant; hence you can do your daily activities without having to worry about the watch. However, the manufacturer recommends that you should not wear it when swimming or submerge it in water.

To ensure you are able to see the time clearly, the watch has been fitted with luminous pointers. It’s reasonably priced and comes with customer satisfaction guarantee. It can be used as a creative casual wristwatch or a wonderful Christmas gift for friends and relatives.

01. Soriace Unique wooden watch

It’s made of Eco-friendly bamboo wood .The watch is designed to bring out temperament and elegance. The Soriace unique wooden watch is a combination of unparalleled crafting for that special woman. It features a long strap design that is easy to wear.

Similarly, it can be adjusted to suit your needs. This watch is a symbol of passion and youthfulness. It’s suitable to those women who have a history of skin allergy as a result of wearing metal watches. It maintains accurate time and comes with a long lasting battery that is easily replaceable.

The bamboo watch has a case length of 5.6 cm and weighs 53 grams. This is the best present for anniversary, birthday or any other special day. The watch is water resistant. However, it should not be put on when bathing or swimming.

How to take care of a bamboo watch

· Battery replacement

This is a common maintenance procedure. The battery should be replaced after the recommended service life lapses.

· Cleaning

You should clean the watch regularly with a soft cloth to prevent corrosion that comes as a result of sweat. In addition, it should not be kept in the pocket at night. A bamboo watch should not be subjected to humidity. The watch should be cleaned every 6 to 12 months. In case it falls in water, it should be cleaned thoroughly and wiped with a clean cloth.

· Power saving

If you plan to keep the watch away for some time, you should pull the crown out to the last stop position before you switch it off. This way, energy consumption will greatly be reduced. It’s recommended that you avoid opening the back case of your watch to prevent dust particles from entering the watch.

· Storage

If you plan not to wear your bamboo watch for a long time, it should be stored in a clean dry place. Similarly, it should be kept away from TV and radio to prevent magnetization. It’s also advisable that you store your bamboo watch under the closet to avoid surface deterioration.


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Bamboo Laptop Desk Table:

With laptops being a part of our daily lives, we need accessories that will improve the way we utilize them. A laptop desk is such an accessory and will improve the proper care of your laptop and allow you the convenience of working smoothly. It also protects your laps from heat emanating from your device and enables you to balance your device properly while using it. Adjustable laptop desk helps you to maintain the right posture while using your device without straining your back and neck. Bamboo laptop desk table offer you a smooth finish that protects you and are eco-friendly.

7. Triple Layer Bamboo Desk

This lightweight bamboo laptop desk table allows you to use your laptop comfortably in bed or on the couch. It can be converted into a tray by removing the vector-attached cushions. The top and bottom bamboo layers make a crisscrossing pattern which prevents cracking and splitting. This laptop desk is spacious enough for laptops of all sizes. It has a cotton cushion for that sits well on your laps with a thick weave for durability.

6. Nnewvante Adjustable Bamboo Desk

This desk table has a unique and out looking design with heat-dissipation features and a beautiful hollowed out design. It is portable and adjustable with five slots for five different height levels. Two smaller pieces on the back of the board have been added to increase the load bearing capacity. With an ultra quiet fan, it allows you to work in a serene surrounding while preventing your laptop from overheating. It comes designed with a small storage drawer for your use. The legs are extended and foldable for easy storage and stability.

5. Super Top Adjustable Bamboo Desk

A multipurpose desk with a place for your laptop, breakfast tray, reading, drawing and other functions. You can use it when you are relaxing in bed, while driving or sitting on your couch. It has a smooth surface made out of natural bamboo. It has five adjustable height levels and five tilting angles for weight adjustments. To prevent your laptop from falling when the desk is tilting at an angle, it is equipped with a detachable baffle. It also has a small drawer for storing odds and ends, and it is portable.

4. Ucharge Portable/Adjustable Bamboo Desk

This lightweight desk can fit laptops of up to seventeen inches. It is made of high impact natural bamboo and has a smooth, flat and easy to clean surface. It is perfect for studying, reading and convenient for students and travelers. It has five slots for height adjustments.

3. Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Desk

This stand-up desk is made of natural, eco-friendly bamboo. It has a lot of slots where to store your gadgets. It is made to fit laptops of up to seventeen inches. It has an integrated ventilation system to cool your laptop. It is ideal for people suffering from back pains.

2. Prosumer Choice Bamboo Desk

This elegantly designed bamboo desk has a vented desk tray to keep your laptop cool. The honeycomb design allows for greater airflow which cools your device. It has a three in one tray that can be converted into a laptop desk, a breakfast tray or a standing desk. This allows you to the convenience of working without straining your back or neck. It can be easily folded for storage and comes with legs that lock in place for stability and to avoid slipping.

1. Aluminum Docks Bamboo Desk

This lightweight desk is designed with a vented bamboo tray to keep you and your laptop cool. It has a dock with charging ports, an easy to clean aluminum mouse pad and allows you to snake cords through it. This desk lets you use your device with maximum freedom of movement. It is made of the highest quality bamboo hence durable.

From the above 7 bamboo laptop desk table you can buy any one because all are very good quality and comfortable.

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Bamboo Laptop Lap desk:

In today’s contemporary society, people involve themselves in constricted schedules. Due to the developing digital technology, many people have the laptops to implement various tasks directly. In fact, there is no need to be physically present in your workplace to accomplish a given task; laptops performs all that. You can easily do this directly from your sofa or bed at home.

Many people appear to compel themselves to work from their laptops.

Working more than four hours on the chair is a tiresome process. The better idea is to work from your bed. However, this can be a daring and annoying struggle in case you don’t have a proper laptop chair.It is in this instance that, has been considered to be the best compared to other brands of laptop desks. This invention is a better idea, a laptop desk that allows you to safely and firmly place your laptop.

The following is detailed information about this desks. After successfully understanding the information given below, the next task will be for you to concentrate on making the best buying decision, bamboo laptop lap desk being your priority

The desk, enables you to get the freedom of using your laptop while:

• Relaxing in bed
• Traveling in car
• Sitting on the floor
• Seated in a comfy chair
• Flying on a plane
This idea will enable you to complete your work or tasks conveniently irrespective of where you are.

Distinguished Features of Bamboo laptop Lap desk

1. Stability. The bamboo laptop lap desk guarantees you a proper solid base to support your subtle and luxurious device while you are resting it on your lap, on wheels or the floor.

2. Easy to carry. It is light and small enough to handle with much comfort while moving around. In most cases, if you are using it while traveling.

3. Proper ventilation and cooling fans. A bamboo laptop desk is built-in with USB powered fans and vents for good air movement thus prevent your laptop from overheating.

4. Fitted with mouse holder to enable you to move the mouse conveniently.

5. Multipurpose functions. The desk can be used to perform other activities such as holding your tablet or phone, writing desk, dinner table and much more.

6. Easy to store. Due to its small size, it can be folded and store under the bed to maximize the space in case you are living in a small room.

7. Durability. The materials used in making the bamboo laptop pad desk are known to last for an extended period without getting damaged or broken. They are of high quality and technology compared to other brands.

8. Design .It is built in with an ergonomic design with tilt functioning to enable you conveniently adjust to the viewing angle that you feel flexible and comfortable.

The above features are dominant exclusively with bamboo laptop lap desks and in most cases difficult to find them with other brands available in the market. Do not accept to buy other products that can make you regret in future.

Make a wise decision by buying the product and quality and comfort shall be guaranteed to you while you are using your device.

Where You Will Get Bamboo Laptop Lap Desk

01. Amazon

02. Ebay


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laptop bamboo stand

The laptop bamboo stand is a new inventory in the computer world as most companies based on accessories of computers bring the best out of wooden carved items to produce an excellent design for a laptop to lean on it fits any laptop size as most of it do not have size. And size is not an excuse as not to purchase the product, most online stores have the item as it is used for either work or personal purpose just that it is affordable.

The computer bamboo is found on your Amazon store or some local online stores in your home country there have been leading producer’s in the bamboo stand most have had about 300+ reviews one Amazon store and also has recorded much sales in the past 3 months. We would see the top seven sellers of this commodity and how they tend to change the wooden market with there merchandise.

Top sellers

01. Songmics:

They are the current leading marketer in Amazon store that sells bamboo laptop stand with an average rate of $35.89 and they make international sales to several countries with reduced import rate in order to encourage buyer’s.

02. Super top technologies:

The super top is another seller of the wooden product with a rating on Amazon on about 135+ reviews and selling rate of $39.99. And maintaining a good customer preference.

03. Win&co:

Although an old partner with Amazon on wooden laptop stand has been of lately unavailable but could be ranked among the best delivering good merchandise in this category

04. Homfa:

It’s another brand on the market though an Asian brand but still offers good quality products in the laptop wooden stand also delivery for desktop wooden stand also purchase price as low as $20.99.

05. Sofia+Sam:

They are also on the rankings as best 7 bamboo laptop stand marketers with a rating of about 741+ reviews and sells it product sat the rate of $39.86 With international shipments to encourage buyer’s and quality commodity lovers.

06. Gibson investment:

They are also on the rankings as there coupons are without doubt a way of inviting llot of buyers and also making media and ads placement, and the bamboo laptop stand is not popularly known in major cities and towns.

07. Halter:

This marketer’s play the role of international shipments and also sell a multifunctional bamboo desk for laptop and gives at a lower rate including import charges and international tax clearance.

These lists of marketers above are few of the top leading in the bamboo laptop stand within my own research in some countries and regions it may differ but in Amazon these above are the best in delivering the commodity.

Bamboo laptop stand is currently the best and affordable tool for a relaxed and conducive operations of your personal computer, and also encouraging an emergence of the wood industry and that of the computer and unveiling colorful and furnished design.

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