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Bamboo sticks are commonly used as a decorative accessory. They have many uses inside and outside a home. When many sticks are collected, they can be used to transform the homeowner yard, landscape and gardens. Today, most people use the sticks as space dividers inside and outside their homes.

Further, they are used in flower arrangements to give character and height. Once you shop online for bamboo sticks, you will get an opportunity to buy them in bulk at wholesale price. They come in different sizes, colors and dimensions. The most common colors used include black and tigerboo colors.

Uses of bamboo sticks in different countries

In Japan, the sticks are cut in a traditional manner then mixed with incense and herbs to make incense sticks. The sticks are made from the finest pure herbs .They produce less fragrance and smoke. The sticks are commonly used by Japanese in their festivals and rituals.

They are a symbol of longevity, prosperity and energy. In India, a machine is used to slice a bamboo to make a bamboo stick with a definite shape and size. It’s then given a fragrance like jasmine, rose, mogra, sandal etc. In China the sticks are used as a symbol of peace strength and prosperity.

Bamboo sticks decorative ideas

Bamboo sticks can be used to give a special touch to your home.

· To decorate the bedroom

Use a large flower vase and put tall bamboo sticks to stand up to the scale of the wall. This creates more texture to the room. The wall should be painted twilight gold to match with the color of the sticks. If there is a cabinet around, it should be of the right size for the available space. This creates a unique and elegant style.

· To decorate your living room wall

Cross two bamboo sticks leaving about 10 cm on each end. Then, make a hole to stick the two pieces together with a bolt and a rubber band. Do the same on the other two sticks. Make coconut coir that is square in shape and dry it for 48 hours. Use a wire to put the two parts together then mount on a wall.

· Bamboo sticks wooden room divider

Before you divide the room, you must ensure white color is positioned behind it. This is to avoid any disruption from dark tropical décor. The sticks are framed together to reflect what is behind them. This method is used to erect a wall where there is none without the need of construction works in your home.

· Bamboo sticks for sushi decoration

It’s suitable for bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, graduations, anniversary and any other special occasion.

· Ceiling decoration

This is an ethnic style decoration with African touches using bamboo sticks. It’s usually done on the living rooms to make them look like an African hut.

Bamboo sticks for massage

Massage therapy is quickly becoming a popular method of relieving stress. A bamboo stick is commonly used in Asian culture and western countries as the most Eco-conscious way to relieve stress and tension on joints. The sticks are available in various shapes and sizes. Some are given a light protective coating without varnish. They are specifically designed to be used on the skin together with your favorite lotion or body oil.

The stick is ideal for treatment of all modalities like full body or tissue massage. It can be used on all areas of the body that is susceptible to pressure. Some of the most common massage techniques include; Swedish massage, trigger point and deep tissue massage. Hollow bamboo sticks are cut into pieces then given a smooth finish ideal for massage.

· Technique used in bamboo stick massage therapy

First, a stick that is hollow in shape is warmed at a room temperature. Since the sticks come in different width and diameters, the longer ones are used for grinding strokes while the smaller ones are used in less details tasks. The stick is held by the therapist and rolled over the target muscle.

· Benefits of bamboo stick massage

The main benefit of a bamboo massage is promoting proper blood circulation through deep tissue work. Other benefits include; improving the drainage of lymphatic system, eliminating stress, enhancing body healing abilities and improving sensory nerve reception.

It’s also believed to improve the skin tone .The silica extracted from bamboo helps the body to absorb important nutrients like calcium, magnesium and potassium. The skin is soothed when creams and lotions are applied directly to your skin.

Kendo bamboo stick

It’s used to aggressively attack an opponent targeting the head, wrists and the side part of the body. It consists of many bamboo sticks wrapped together with straps with a leather handle at the other end. The Kendo stick has a length of 40 to 47 inches. It’s mainly used for practice and defensive purposes. If you are a beginner, it’s recommended that you choose a bamboo stick that matches your skills.

Benefits of using bamboo sticks 

· They are environmentally friendly

A bamboo stick is made from 100% bamboo. It’s fully biodegradable and environmental friendly. Some sticks are specifically designed for roasting. They are 36 inches long and allows for a safe distance from the fire while roasting your food.

· They are kids-friendly and safe

Some sticks like Jungle Stix are designed with safety of kids in mind. Kids can enjoy themselves while holding the semi-sharp sticks in warm campfire. They are smooth and can withstand heat.

· They are strong

The thinnest stick measures 5mm in diameter .It can handle the weight of kebab, sausage, marshmallows and any other meal for roasting.

Where to buy bamboo sticks

There are many online stores that sell authentic bamboo sticks. They are environmental friendly and come in different fragrances. The sticks are cut into precise shapes, sizes and are neatly polished. They can also be customized depending on the customer requirements.

You can select the color, diameter, shape and bamboo species that is most suitable for your project. When one orders in bulk, he or she is likely to benefit from huge discounts.

Whether you are looking to decorate your home interior, garden or outdoor space, you want to be sure you choose the right bamboo sticks that fits the job. They must have high resistance to tension and should add a rich exotic look to your home.

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Bamboo furniture has a style and beauty of its own. It’s an Eco-friendly choice and most importantly, inexpensive. Further, it’s beautiful and better constructed than any other furniture. Decorating your home with bamboo furniture is something you need to consider for your living space. It’s also light in weight which makes cleaning spaces much easier.

On the other hand; it’s durable, so a piece will last for ages. Examples of bamboo furniture include; sofas, beds, tables, chest of drawers, rockers, stools, couches etc. Even through bamboo furniture has been around for a long time, there is always something new for decorating your home.

Why Choose bamboo Furniture Over Other Furniture 

· Color

Bamboo furniture comes in different colors. You can choose the shade color which takes the color of maple. Furniture is made without altering the natural color of bamboo wood. Alternatively, a bamboo can undergo the steaming process to bring out a darker shade commonly referred as carbonized bamboo. One can also go for stained bamboo which is available in a wide variety of shades and colors.

· Durability

Most species of bamboo are more durable than oak. It’s possible to make strong furniture without altering its natural rustic look.

· Pricing

Almost all bamboo furniture come at a competitive price compared to other furniture sets. Bamboo is a low cost material, hence owns a big price advantage over other types of furniture.

· Eco-friendly

Bamboo has earned the reputation as an environmental friendly material. It’s grown and harvested much faster compared to other hardwood trees like oak. In addition, it does not need to be replanted, since it sends up new shoots. Similarly, it does not need pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to thrive. So far, bamboo has earned the reputation as one of the renewable resources in the planet.

· Maintenance

Bamboo furniture will require little maintenance. It only requires occasional dusting with a dry or moist cloth just like most of the things in the house. With time bamboo develops a natural shine .It also adapts to weather and temperature. The natural dust in the bamboo ensures it does not rust or accumulate mold easily, hence you don’t have to worry whether you live in a warm place or not.

· Selection

Furniture designers have come up with many innovative designs to choose from. They feature variety of styles and finishing.

· Resistance to shrinking and swelling

Bamboo furniture will rarely shrink due to atmospheric changes.

What Factors You Should consider Before buying Bamboo Furniture

Whenever you plan to purchase bamboo furniture, it’s recommended that you take a furnishing expert with you so. When shopping for high quality, Eco-friendly bamboo furniture, you need to;

· Decide the type of furniture you want to buy

There are so many styles of bamboo furniture to choose from. It’s recommended that you take time to go through them. Decide whether you wanta table, a chair, bed frames, cabinets etc. You should shop for a piece that complements your existing furniture and décor. Look for furniture that fits your room unless you intend to remodel or decorate your room. Always think about the overall theme and style of your home. However, there is nothing wrong with enhancing your contrast with other styles of furniture so long as it’s not exaggerated.

· Identify a reputable retailer

When shopping, ask how the furniture has been made. Since there are many fake bamboos in the market, you want to be sure you are buying original furniture. Consider the durability and sturdiness of the furniture. However, it’s quite easy to identify a fake bamboo. Many artisans will only make high quality furniture when bamboo is harvested naturally. It’s recommended that you look for retailers who have specialized on bamboo furniture. Check what other customers are saying about the furniture. By looking around, you will get a better idea for your home.

· Consider the cost

When looking for decent bamboo furniture, you should consider the cost. There are so many online shops that will give you affair deal. This will give you an option of larger selection at discount prices. Most of the furniture is fairly priced when you consider the complicated manufacturing process.

· Ask about return policies and warranty

A warranty is an excellent indicator of quality. You want to be sure you can return the furniture if it breaks immediately after purchase. The best furniture will come with longer warranties against all manufacturing defects.

How To Maintain Your Bamboo Furniture

Although bamboo furniture is often referred as sturdy and indestructible, much attention should be given to it. The main reason for taking care of bamboo furniture is water exposure. When dampness increases, it’s subject to rotting and mold attack.

Bamboo is simple to maintain and will look great with years .You should keep water exposure at a minimum especially for outdoor bamboo furniture. On the other hand, some bamboo species will not tolerate prolonged exposure to sunlight. If your outdoor furniture is designed for outdoor use, it’s recommended that you keep it in a well sheltered area.

· Routine Cleaning

Wash the furniture regularly with a soft sponge to remove all harmful debris. Alternately, you can use furniture oils like linseed to maintain the luster of the bamboo. The oil plays a significant role, since it prevents the furniture from cracking making it perfect for those who live in areas with low humidity. Cleaning should be done with natural soap and detergents. Rinse well using a moistened sponge. However, you should be very careful since other detergents tend to discolor or damage the sheen of your bamboo furniture. One should never attempt to seat on a furniture made of bamboo until it completely dries.

· Annual maintenance

If you live in a more humid climate, washing should be done once in every six months with anti-mildew additive. Use a soft-bristled scrub brush to avoid interfering with bamboo fibers. If age or weather has caused your bamboo to crack, use a grit sand paper to fine the area and remove frayed sections of the bamboo. Apply wax to recondition the tone and color of original material. Make sure you dry well to prevent further damage. Sanding should be done when the furniture is completely dry to avoid shredding the fibers.

· Stain removal

If you spill substances to the furniture, you should wipe immediately to prevent permanent staining.

In recent years, bamboo furniture has become popular. The huge demand is as a result of durability, sturdiness, elegance and low cost. With proper care, it can last for a lifetime. If you want to incorporate bamboo furniture in your home, you should start with a few pieces. You will definitely be investing in furniture that will serve you for many years to come.

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Bamboo screen:

If you are anticipating utilizing an eco-friendly sort of fence, then the bamboo screen is your best decision. The significance or image of a perfect garden has changed throughout the years. It is not an indistinguishable any longer from delineated in old motion movies, where a green yard with a white, picket fence used to be the standard. Setting up the correct sort of grass take all the more arranging nowadays, and in this article, we will show to you accepted methods to do an ideal job possible.

The task gets easier for the individuals who as of now have an old fence installed. Then again, if you are beginning scratch, then this gives you a chance to have the most attractive fence in your town. All the more so since you can now utilize the bamboo screen fence panels to effectively introduce another fence. Get them as rolled up bamboo plant shoot pieces entwined to shape a fence. The outcome would be a beautiful decoration welcoming you each time you watch out at your grass.

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Bamboo Screen Required Low Maintenance 

Another fortunate thing about utilizing them is that they don’t require broad care or maintenance, as contrasted and a bamboo floor. Dissimilar to flooring, this would be arranged outside your home and thus a little dent here or a little mark there would not by any means make a big deal about a difference. You can likewise introduce seal on these fences. This would guard it against water as well as would keep its shade from blurring by hindering the bright beams of the scorching sun.

Fencing is not by any means the only use of these ponder plants. Its shoots can be put around your pool if you are hoping to include more security, or simply considering making a youngster proof boundary. Would this carry out the occupation beautifully, as well as would do as such beautifully. Utilizing cement blocks or bricks would not have done that.

Bamboo fencing comes in different sizes and different plans. You can pick bamboo fence boards which come pre-gathered and prepared to utilize. Simply append to a wooden casing, and you have a moment fence.

Moved bamboo screen can be utilized on a current fence, or be effectively made into a versatile screen to conceal certain ranges from view. Presently you can sit in your yard and not need to take a look at your air cooling unit or garbage can.

 Bamboo Screens are Gaining Popularity Rapidly

Because of the above goals, this particular sort of fencing has been quickly developing in notoriety off late. The modern look, the eco-amicability and also the alluring look makes it perfect to consolidate into your life in numerous basic ways. This could be either a fence incorporating your garden, or it could be as a security screen for swimming pool. This could even be shaped to make the ideal flower bed.

Many individuals utilize it in capricious ways, including closing off parts of their home they would prefer not to expose – like air conditioner system. It is a gift that you can utilize this plant in different aspects of your life so easily.

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Bamboo Hedge:

Bamboo hedge can be a very good idea for many people.There are many different types of bamboo these days, with bamboo gracias being one of the most popular. Traditionally, many gardeners stayed away from growing bamboo as it is renowned for being very invasive and taking over the garden. It is also difficult to remove when it is allowed to become like a jungle. However, the actual plant is very graceful and has many useful features, being able to withstand drought, frost, and flood and having no pests or diseases.

The way to avoid problems with bamboo spreading is to buy only the clumping varieties. These have surface roots that do not penetrate deep into the ground at all. They do not spread more, so your plumbing and paths will safe all time. In fact, you can plant a hedge of clumping bamboo in a small garden that has pipes deep underneath, and no harm will come to them.

One of the best things about this type of bamboo is that even though the roots are not large, the top growth can extend extremely high, giving an amazing – and legal – way to screen out nosy neighbors whose homes are above yours due to the rise of the ground or the larger building. It is not legal to build a fence high enough for the job, but it is legal to grow a great hedge.

A bamboo hedge has the additional feature of providing a cool shady area rather than reflecting the summer heat into your yard like a fence does. The look of a bamboo clump is exotic and beautiful, and you can get a willowy effect by choosing the type like Bambusa Loteostriata, which has weeping culms (rods) instead of straight ones. You can also choose tall, medium or dwarf clumping bamboo, depending on your needs.

Bamboo is the most popular for a hedge, with its thin, straight twigs and leafy foliage. Its other name is Slender Weavers Bamboo. It clumps very tightly, making a fence that will certainly give plenty of privacy and shade without the worry of spreading. And since it is frost resistant down to -12C it is suitable for almost anywhere.

While bamboo is drought tolerant, it certainly grows better and faster when it is cared for properly, especially when it is young and expanding. The soil should be supplemented with manure and the garden covered with dried grass as a mulch to help conserve moisture. If growing it in pots, choose the best potting mix available, one that is rich in nutrients for the best result.

Maintenance of the hedge

Maintain a bamboo fence; it is advisable to prune it regularly until your desired height is attained, and not wait for it to reach its maximum height since most of the thickness is found at the top of the bush. Once the required height has been set, you will only need to prune twice or thrice a year. Flowering hedges should be clipped after flowering has taken place, and you should ensure that the hedge is sprinkled evenly.

Types of hedges

If you need a high fence, conifer varieties are suggested while Boxus varieties are ideal for lower hedges. Buxus are also used to grow box hedges. Acacia Cognata and Lily Pily are native hedges which are an attractive new alternative for hedging. Other types of hedges include evergreen flowering hedges and lavender or rosemary, which are low growing types. Clumping bamboo is an excellent choice for screening or use as a boundary plant. You can use hedging plants as topiary, a practice in which the foliage of the shrub is clipped to a distinct shape to beautify the landscape and give an impressive appearance. Hedging plants are ideal for topiary due to their tiny leaves and thick foliage.

Fundamental Tips

Most hedges need their first trimming a year after planting. After trimming, the plant needs your help to recover water it, fertilize the soil and add some mulch (bark, chips, peat, or even mowed grass).

The shaping trim usually did within two years of planting. Use a bright colored wire as a guide to cut it. The follow-up trimmings are done based on growth speed, such as once or a few times a year. The technique changes depending on the result to be attained, the age and height of the shrub, and other factors. Once the bamboo reaches the desired height, the top will need to be trimmed consistently.

The most common hedging mistake is trimming only the ends, and leaving the deeper parts untouched. This can result in drooping and loss of shape. A wrong trim can also leave the bottom bare, with unsightly dead branches and a decreased thickness.

I hope now you are clear about Bamboo hedge.

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In recent years, bamboo blinds have enjoyed a surge in interest from people looking to add them to the windows of their home. This is because they are a cheap and inexpensive way to add a natural look and feel to almost any room. And with the choice of many colors and tones, they can suit modern or traditional decor, especially that room that require a wood window treatment. Bamboo blinds are designed to change color as they age.

They aim of using blinds is to bring a natural outdoor look to inside the home. They are also environmentally friendly and are a great insulation for both the hot and cold months. Additionally, bamboo blinds not only provide protection against intense sunlight but also have the ability to ventilate air making them attractive and perfect choice for your home.


Health and environmental concerns; rooms that face directly into the sunlight can cause real headaches for you. With blinds that you can easily install, you can control the exposure from the sun whenever you want. As a bonus, you will get a warm, cozy and a real good-looking room especially when the blinds are in contrast with the color of the room.

Financial prospects; a great advantage of blinds before in front of a window that faces directly towards the sunlight is that it saves the paint on the walls inside your house from peeling off. The next advantage is that you can save a lot of cleaning materials because bamboo does not need expensive cleaning solutions to be spotless. The maintenance of bamboo is also minimal which makes them the ultimate solution for interior decor. That leaves you with no risk to damage them with some cleaning solutions as what happens when you have curtains in front of the windows, which you have to clean.

Luxury lifestyle and home security; you can also use bamboo outside on a small shed or patio, which is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee while you want to relax for a few minutes. Although bamboo is no more than grass, you can always depend on something that is durable and sturdy. Another advantage of blinds, which they make from bamboo, is that it keeps the trespassers out while you can see them from the inside. An important advantage of the bamboo blinds is that they are environmentally friendly and worth every dollar, you spend on it.



#01. Arlo blinds petite rustique bamboo cordless roman shade; this is a natural and excellent window treatment for your room woven to filter light. It is constructed from bamboo and other environmentally-friendly materials. This bamboo product is excellent shade for indoor usage and the recommendation of mounting is that, the shade should be mounted ¼ inch smaller than the inside window frame for greater results.

#02. Chicology Epic Bamboo Primrose Roman Shade (72 in. x 66 in.); these are great window treatment any room. They are durable and easy to install. Create rich texture and warmth in any of your room with this bamboo blend roman shade.

#03. Handmade Bamboo Beige/ Brown Roll-up Window Blinds (72 in. x 72 in.); they are crafted by talented china artisans and are colored bamboo roll-up blinds that are a versatile addition to your window’s room. They are easy to mount and operate.

#04. Oriental Furniture Red Phoenix Bamboo Blind; it’s is easy to hang and install, and also depicts a rising Phoenix against the red background. This is a classy blind one can consider for elegance accent for any window. It’s available in 5 sizes, i.e. 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72.”

#05. Handmade Bamboo ‘Mona Lisa’ Window Blinds; these blinds feature the famous image of Leonard da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. They are stunning bamboo matchstick blinds that display natural construction in a classic style or design.

#06. Handmade Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ 48-inch Bamboo Blind (China); these blinds features the painting sunflower crafted by greatest and skilled artists known as Vincent van Gogh. Appreciate the artistic beauty of these timeless bamboo blinds. They can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes to display natural beauty in your room.

#07. US window and floor 2” faux wood blind; this blind is specifically designed for the door, and therefore it’s outside mounted has an installation manual and give your room majestic appearance.

#08. Lewis hyman Chesapeake collection Bamboo Roman shade in walnut; this is a semi-private bamboo shade that covers your window in style while illuminating a room with natural light. This product generally complements many decors.

#09. Handmade Bamboo ‘Kwan Yin’ Window Blinds (72 in. x 72 in.) (China); these blinds feature an elegant kwan yin with lotus design. They are natural classic design handcrafted by skillful artisans. Therefore, it is a valuable and desirable piece for your home décor.

#10. Natural bamboo roll up window sun shade blind; it is sold by thy trading and is effective in sunlight and wind control to your room. It’s made from a high-quality bamboo. Has easy installation and can be mounted either outside or inside of your window.



• When choosing bamboo window blinds, please keep in mind that bamboo is a natural product which colors and hues can vary. They will vary from tint to a brown tint. Avoid the blinds of distinct dye heap.

• Bamboo blinds are for indoors use only. Never use them in high moisture areas because the slats might warp. Bamboo blinds brighten up any rooms and fit well with any tropical decor.

• With proper lighting, bamboo shades have a glow and aura of their own. They are splendid for and artistic and exclusive upholstery decoration. They can be custom made to suit individual requirements. Bamboo window blinds are being used with impunity for decoration in hotels, resorts, offices and homes alike.

• Regarding size, amazingly, bamboo shades come in a wide array of sizes that can be suitable for almost any window. It is necessary also to note that this bamboo blinds may lengthen a little over time. This frequently happens during the summer season. In winter regions, the blinds may contract a little, but the change is not noticeable.

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