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Best Bamboo Kitchen Organizer:

Bamboo Kitchen organizer is one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly organizers in the world. You will find different types of bamboo kitchen organizers in amazon. Amazon is an online market which ranks products on an hourly rate according to the sales placed on each product.

The following are the Bamboo kitchen products with best reviews listing from 10 to 1:

NO 10: SONGMICS Bamboo Cutlery Tray Expandable Utensil Organizer Flatware Drawer Dividers Kitchen Storage Organizer 

Rated 4.6 stars by 84 customer reviewers and price is $21.99

· This bamboo kitchen organizer is ready to use and easy to clean. However, it has loose paper material on the bottom

NO 9: Misc Home Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Organizer with Knife Block 

$29.99, 146 reviews and 4.6 stars rating

· This is an adjustable bamboo kitchen drawer customized for holding all utensils types; expanding up by 10 inches

· It is premium quality and long-lasting

NO 8: B & E Home Essential Bamboo Expandable Utility Drawer Organizer 

$19.89, 60 customer reviews and rated 4.7 out of 5

· It is constructed out of long-lasting bamboo

· Unyielding and persevering to breakage. It is efficient for holding utensils or even cosmetics at the house

NO 7: VonShef Extendable Adjustable Bamboo Cutlery Tray

18 customer reviews, 5.0-star rating; $ 19.95

· This Vonshef Bamboo Kitchen organizer is versatile and very convenient for the office and kitchen especially with storage of small items which can be easily lost

· It can extend up to 8 compartments.

· Made of adamant and durable bamboo and measures 16 inches by 18 inches. Its width is about 2 inches

NO. 6: Lipper International Bamboo Organizer with 3 Removable Dividers 

27 customer reviews, 4.9-star rating; $ 22.99

· It comprises bamboo dividers measuring 17.5 inches by 12 inches and 2 inches wide. The lippers are three removable dividers.

· The bamboo material is good and has an excellent colour that matches the house interior décor.

· It is ideal for any kitchen size, and for holding kitchen utensils, gadgets, supplies and accessories

· It is also very ergonomic and non-reactive to soaps and detergents.

NO.5 Kitchen Lovers Bamboo Expandable Utensil Organizer

255 Customer reviews 4.7 stars, $35.80

· This Bamboo Kitchen organizer is a convenient cutlery & cooking utility tray designed to fit into any space in your kitchen.

· It is also made from Moso bamboo wood, very durable and ergonomic. This material cannot be infested by any pests.

· The expandable bamboo kitchen organizer measures 17.7 inches by 12.6 inches. It can also be customized to either bigger or smaller size depending on the kitchen size

· This bamboo kitchen organizer is strong and resistant to swelling. It is able to accommodate various forks, knives and much more.

NO. 4 Bellemain 100% Pure Bamboo Expandable, Utensil – Cutlery and Utility Drawer organizer 

1028 customer reviews, 4.7 stars $19.95

· It is the ideal cutlery and utility drawer organizer. Primarily made of moso bamboo

· Bamboo utility kitchen organizer is convenient and manipulatable. One can expand it from 6 compartments to 8 and customize the look as well.

· Ideally, it can assist one to organize his kitchen as all cutlery is accessible from one end thus keeps the house clutter-free.

· It comes in various colours and sizes, therefore, client-friendly regarding choice and prices.

· Bamboo is strong, durable and easy to clean with washing detergents. It is also non-corrosive and non-reactive to washing detergents

· This product provides a customer feedback guarantee, and in case of any dissatisfaction you can return it as soon as possible

NO. 3: Totally Bamboo Lattice Utensil Holder 

4.8 stars 163 customer reviews $18.99

· This is a top-quality utensils holder made of Moso bamboo

· It is versatile, ergonomic and eco-friendly. It can act as the best alternative to wood and metal as one will not lament of rusting issues.

· It is measuring are about 5-inches in diameter and 7-inches by height.

· Bamboo kitchen organizer is the best for you and your home.

No. 2: Bamboo Wooden Utensil Caddy Flatware Organizer for Home

4.9 stars 92 customer reviews $ 20.99

· It is a multi-purpose modern bamboo utensils holder that is specially designed to serve your needs at home, office or restaurant.

· It is eco-friendly and does not take up much space in the kitchen. Moreover, it is easy to carry and move around.

· The bamboo wooden organizer can hold many kitchen accessories among them forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks and straws.

· The bamboo stick handle has a lightweight design, therefore, cannot cause any harm to the carried utensils as other wooden caddies in the market. The stick is long lasting and very safe for anyone to use.

NO. 1: Bellemain 100% Pure Bamboo in Drawer Knife Block, Bamboo Knife Organizer

Rated by 1,088 customers at 4.9 stars out of 5. Price $37.95

This bamboo kitchen organizer is the best choice for an ultimate kitchen. It is durable, strong and lasts very long. The Bamboo is also colourful, and stylish and serves as the best alternative to wood. It can be used to hold up to 16 knives of multiple sizes thus beats other drawer knife blocks. It is convenient as it helps one have all the knives from one central location in your kitchen.

This makes it easy for one to access. Bellemain Bamboo kitchen organizer can fit on the kitchen counter, or even inside your drawers. It saves up space thus very efficient for smaller kitchens Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material which is a non-pollutant and home-friendly.



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Bamboo kitchen Utensils Holder

Bamboo products have gained fame over the years due to the obvious reasons. Its products are appealing to the eye, environmentally friendly, superior health and sanitation, antibacterial, economical, just to list a few. Most of the bamboo kitchen utensils holder require little maintenance as a result of the hard density of the wood. Below are the description of bamboo products – kitchen utensils holders.

10. Ocean Star Bamboo Utensil Holder

The holder costs $5.36 on Amazon excluding the shipping fee. It is 100% bamboo and is known for its high quality and durability. Keep your utensils in order with this amazing product and exploit its full benefit of being eco-friendly and provision of elegant touch to your kitchen. It is affordable and provides the greatest way to accessorize your counter top. Follow this link for more information on Amazon:

9. Totally Bamboo

It is a rack utensils holder constructed from a high-quality Moso bamboo costing $10.39 on Amazon online shop. It works great alongside any utensils rack. It measures 8-inch by 5-inch by 3.3-8 inches. Structurally, it has two separate chambers with enough space for any silverware and utensils. This great utensil holder is a product of the original bamboo cutting Board Company called Totally Bamboo, from where it got its name. Totally Bamboo kitchen utensils holder can as well fit the purpose of adding decoration to any kitchen alongside being a utensils holder. More details are available on amazon through the link below.

8. BRAVIT Good Grips Large Bamboo

This bamboo kitchen utensils holder comes a set with some utensils. It is ideal for keeping utensils such as ladles, spoons, tongs, and whisks, which require a larger space than the available one within the drawer. The price is fixed at $14.98 on Amazon store. The holder is designed by Bravit Company. Its main features are the rotating bottom, round shape, and large volume with a diameter of about 6-inches and 7-inches tall. It can keep about 15 pieces of small and large utensils. It is a purely bamboo product. The Amazon link is included below.

7. iBambooMart Bamboo Utensils Holder

It is the best bamboo kitchen utensil holder that looks charming and very attractive to the eye. This everybody’s favourite utensil holder is made of 100% premium bamboo of the 21st century. It has a stylish, trendy wood design that makes it stand out among all other bamboo kitchen utensils holders. It is 4-inch by 4.75-inch in dimension and 0.35kg in weight. It can hold about six pieces of bamboo spoons, helping you to keep your kitchen tidy. It sells at $5.94 on Amazon. Follow the link below for more information.

6. Totally Bamboo Utensil Holder

It is a quality built bamboo kitchen holder. This holder can be described as being strong, dense and versatile whose dimensions are 5-inch in diameter and 7-inch tall. It costs $18.99 with a shipping fee of $37.73. Add some beauty to your kitchen and have an ordered kitchen layout. It is made of Moso timber bamboo that gives it strength, density and versatility. More information about this product can be found on the link below.

5. Natural Bamboo Utensil Holder

It is one of the most reliable bamboo kitchen utensils holders made of 100% naturally and durable bamboo. Structurally, it has four useful compartments and a carry handle. An exclusive product from trademark innovations which can be used for holding a variety of items. It is designed to fit on any kitchen counter. Easy to clean, preferably using a damp cloth. Measures 8.25-inche by 5.5-inch by 4.25-inch. A 3.5-inches long carry handles to aid in its relocation. Follow the link to view detailed information on Amazon.

4. Natural Bamboo Cooking Utensil Set

This bamboo kitchen utensils holder was crafted with 100% natural organic FDA eco-friendly solid bamboo. The set includes 6, 12-inches utensils, 2 spoons, spatula, slotted curved spatula, etc. It is stronger and lasts longer than any other wood products. The set has an additional advantage of being 100% biodegradable and recyclable, eco-friendly, antimicrobial, among other fantastic benefits. It is affordable and readily available in any online shops such as Amazon. It is easy to relocate within the kitchen due to its light weight and comfortability provided by the handles. Check for its Amazon price on the link below.

3. Bamboo Wooden Utensil Caddy Flatware

An ideal holder for spoons, knives, forks, salt pepper shakers, condiments, spices, chopsticks, etc. It is suitable for use in the kitchen, restaurant, and general kitchen decoration purposes. Designed with high-quality bamboo that aids its versatility making it ideal cutlery utensil organizer. Very portable and can ride along with you when out for a picnic or at a Sunday Gathering. Recommended for outdoor parties, bars, cafes, etc. for various reasons. Here is the link for more information. Get more information about this holder on:

2. Utoplike New Upgrade Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Cutlery Drawer Organizer

A seven compartment drawer organizer. It is modified with knife block to hold knives in place thereby protecting the hand. It sells at $39.00 on Amazon, but the price should remain relatively constant across all online stores. Recommended kitchen holder for cutlery, silverware, flatware, and kitchen gadgets such as forks, spoons and knives. Dimensions are 13-20 inches in width and length, 18-inch diameter, and2-inch high.

1. Lipper Bamboo Folding Dishrack

It is made of environmentally friendly bamboo. Easy to wash using mild soap and water, maintains its natural colour, and does not stain. Designed to hold plates and mugs. It can be folded, hence occupy less space just in case you want to store it. The holder measures 17.75 inches by 13-inch by 0.75-inch in height. It is durable and recommended for organizing flatware and cooking utensils. More information including price is available on

The above-listed are the top ten bamboo kitchen utensils holder that you can come across on the market. The descriptions assist you to decide on which brand best suits you, but any of the holders will serve the purpose.

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Bamboo Kitchen Utensils:

Bamboo kitchen utensils are very essential for many reasons. Kitchen is the most admired place in the house; especially for women. Buying beautiful products for the kitchen is an obsession for most of the women. There are several items available in the market, especially, there is a higher level of saturation in the market for different kind of utensils. Bamboo kitchen utensils are a beautiful option to keep in your kitchen. I will cover some information regarding this product to help you with some awareness on this.

Bamboo is a cheap but durable and reliable material, which is used in several countries as a preferred cooking tools’ material. Bamboo is mostly used to make the cooking spoons in different shapes and is really great when you use the non-stick pans. The material is ideal to form any shape of spoons; either oval, round or spatula which is made through out in a single piece.

The bamboo kitchen utensils are made by hand and are then polished to make sure that these do not absorb the food material or flavor. Above all, your cooking pan will remain scratch less, when you use it for cooking. Now I will share the top ten products in the above category for your ease of selecting those; starting from No. 10.

10. Vremi Wooden Spoons Bamboo Utensils 

5 Piece Serving Spoons and Bamboo Cooking Utensil Set. This is a great product sold in only around $15 with Wooden Spatula. Bamboo Wood Kitchen Utensils is ideal as non-stick cooking spoons with colorful Silicone handles. The product has a 4.7-star rating right now.

9. Bamboo Sourdough Bread Starter Stirrer Mixing Spoon 

It is a favorite product in the category with 5-star rating; available in only $13. This product is light weight and easy to handle by anyone in the kitchen, however $13 for a single piece item is a little higher.

8. The pampered chef bamboo toast tongs 

This product is rated with 4.5 stars with a price $9.29, which is a higher price for a single item, however the quality of the product is very good.

7. The Original Bamboo Spurtle Set Ultra Versatile 2 piece set by Crate Collective

This is a spatula in two different sizes, with a guaranteed scratch free use in the pan. This product has 4,5-star rating and is available in $19.99 at Amazon.

6. HIC Bamboo Toast Tong (2 Pack) 

This product is available on Amazon, only in $6.32 and has 4.5-star rating. The product is available in a combination of two similar items

5. Bamboo Mini Spoon | Set of 3 

This is god product with 4.3-star rating at a very low price of $7.95. All the three pieces are made with great finished bamboo. The price according the offered quality is highly appropriate.

4. Premium Kitchen Cooking Utensils Bamboo Spoon Spatula, 6 Set of Bamboo Kitchen Tools. 

This is highly cost effective product, which is available at a very low cost with a great discount offer. The product is available at only $16.99, which is already a very low price for such products. Even with such a low price the discount offered is 59% which brings it down to only $6.99. the product is rated with 4.3 stars.

3. Modern home 11 Piece Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set, Bamboo/Natural 

This product is really worth to be counted in top 3. This comes at a very low price of $19.29 with a discount of 38%. The product contains 11 highly useful bamboo kitchen tool set, which also include a bamboo holder to hold all of these. The best feature of this product is that it contains a lifetime warrantee. The product has 4.6 rating, as shown on Amazon.

2. Rui Ling 6-Pack Natural Bamboo Mini Spoon Set, Cooking Mixing Spoon Kitchen Utensil. Perfect for coffee, tea, sugar, Condiments Salt Spoons and more.

This product has maintained a 5-star rating and is a highly-desired product. The product is available only in $7.9 which is a very low price for such a useful product comprising 6 pieces. The product has been made by ecofriendly material and is highly compatible with all kinds of nonstick cooking utensils, with a convenience of cleaning.

1. Mystery Bamboo Kitchen Tool 6Pcs Set with Rotating Storage Stand, Perfect for Nonstick Pans and Cookware, Natural and Eco-friendly

This is the best product at Amazon with 5-star rating. It is currently available at Amazon at discounted rate of $28.88, which is coming after 52% discount though the product is best in the quality.

Viewing all these bamboo kitchen utensils at Amazon, you all will like to avail this option for your kitchen, for which these 10 are highly recommended.

More kitchen Products

01. Top 10 best bamboo cutting board.

02. Top 10 best bamboo dish racks.

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Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting board is made from bamboo.Bamboo is one of the best hardwood trees that offer the best products in terms of furniture and has great designs. Unlike other woods, bamboo has its own appealing color and does not rely on furniture dye for its color. For every person who likes cooking must have a cutting board in his/ her kitchen. Those who like diced or well-cut ingredients must be looking for a way to do that by using cutting boards.

They are not only used in cutting ingredients but also used in the butcheries for cutting meat. When it comes to cutting and chopping boards, bamboo products have outstanding and presentable designs for all purposes in the kitchen. Their color is natural hence no food contamination. Some of the best selling bamboo cutting boards are listed below.

10. Professional Bamboo Wood Cutting Board and Cheese Board

This is an extra large 18 by 12.5-inch cutting board made by the lovely brand. This is among the eye-catching bamboo cutting boards in the market. This product has tiger stripes with drip grooves and is totally organic and antimicrobial. This product is made from Moso bamboo which is one of the strongest strands of bamboo in existence.

Its design is beautiful and well crafted for a great experience in the kitchen. Despite some complaints that there are some that have gaps, the rest have had a wonderful experience with the board.Bamboo cutting board is really useful for kitchen.

9. Breville BOV800CB Bamboo Cutting Board

This bamboo cutting board is designed for both cuttings and for fitting on the top of a Breville BOV800XLS smart oven to form counter space. The cutting board is fitted with a handle like ends to help in better grasping and carrying. It has silicone fitted at the bottom to keep it cool on top. It absorbs little moisture, on its surface and it has antibacterial properties hence no contamination.

bamboo cutting board

8. Small Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Juice Grooves

It is a 12 by 9 bamboo cutting board with a Midori way decoration that looks beautiful and will give your kitchen an appealing view. It is manufactured by Midori way. It has two colors and is hard hence knife marks will take some time to form. It fits in all kitchens and in the cutting of any meal ingredient and fruits. It acts as an appealing gift for all holidays. The product is organic and has antibacterial surface hence no contamination.

7. Vremi 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

This is a vremi manufactured bamboo cutting board that comes with a storage handle. The product is designed and crafted in a way that one can prepare food fast as it comes with three boards. The boards are of different sizes hence one can be set aside as a tray for serving.

It comes with a colored silicon handle on the storage handle making it look good and decorates the kitchen. One gets to choose the color they prefer as they come with a green color or red on the handle. They are strong, durable, antimicrobial, and eco-friendly bamboo cutting boards.

6. Extra Large Rolled Bamboo Cutting Boards with Drip Groove

This is an 18 by 12-inch bamboo cutting board that is manufactured by Premium Lifestyle Products. It is designed to be thick, large and strong and is durable. It gives a more sanitary condition than wood products. The board has a seamless soft surface and has carrying notches designed for carrying it as a tray for serving purposes.

5. Premium Organic Bamboo (Heim Concept) Extra Large Cutting Board and Serving Tray with Drip Groove

This product is manufactured by Heim concepts quality. It is an extra large board with 18 by 12 inches and 3/4 inch thick. It is eco-friendly and strong to sustain all kitchen and dining activities. It has a drip groove which makes it look good and presentable. It is made of Moso bamboo which is among the hardest bamboo trees. It is a great gift idea.

4. Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board with Drip Groove by Premium Bamboo

This is a product by premium lifestyle bamboo that is extra large with 18 by 12 inches dimensions. It is sanitary as it does not have any die on its surface and has an antimicrobial surface. It is eco-friendly and thick which makes it strong and durable.

3. Royal Craft Wood Natural Bamboo Cutting Board

It is a product from royal craft wood with 18 by 12 by 3/4 inches length, width and thickness respectively. The board is large in size and has side handles for easier carrying around. It has drip groves to help contain the juice from vegetables, fruits, and meat.

2. Extra large bamboo cutting board by Utopia kitchen

This is a product from Utopia Kitchen and has a dimension of 17 by 12 inches. It is thick and of the excellent quality of bamboo. It made out of Moso bamboo which is hard and suitable for all the conditions.

1. Totally Bamboo 3 piece bamboo cutting board set

This is the top rated bamboo cutting board product in the market today. It comes with three boards; a big board of dimensions 9-1/2 by 13 inches, medium one of 8-1/2 by 11 inches and the small one of 6 by 8 inches. The product has over 2000 users and has a five-star rating from almost all. It is made of Moso bamboo which is among the hardest of the bamboo species.

where you will get Bamboo Cutting Board

01. amazon

02. Ebay


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Bamboo Dish Rack

Dish Racks are the essential tool in any kitchen. To well organize the kitchen and also enhance it! However, the best dish racks are those made of bamboo for their craftsmanship, woodwork, beauty and build. The following are some of the best bamboo dish racks that found in the market today.Bamboo dish rack is really awesome for the kitchen.

01.Totally Bamboo Eco Dish Rack

This is a 2 tier dish rack which is designed to hold an extra-large bulk of dishes and also can be folded flat while not in use. This dish rack is made of attractive, durable and organically grown bamboos which are mainly naturally anti-microbial. It features 2 side racks for glasses, pans, and pots or either large utensils.

02. Lipper International Bamboo Plate Rack/Pot Lid Holder

This bamboo dish rack can be used to hold pot lids and plate and it comes in its natural color. Yet if one aim to use this dish rack as a pot lid holder one have to remember that its handles take up space.

03. Bamboo Folding Dish Rack

This dish rack is an attractive tallying to your decor, and also ideal for the air drying or storing the dishes. Mugs, cups, and glasses can be restored on the angled shelves, while the slots permit for a secure holding of many dishes.

04. BirdRock Home Bamboo Folding Dish Rack

Bird Rock Home Bamboo Folding Dish Rack is a great natural addition to any kitchen. It has the 2-tier design which allows the plates to be dried on top, while bowls and cups dry on the bottom. Easily fold and also store the dish rack while the done to keep the counter top clutter free. It’s very important to use a dry towel to wipe the rack after the use. Also, it’s advisable to allow the dish rack to dry in the open after wiping. Additionally, it’s vital not to wash it in the dishwasher.

05. Home Basics Bamboo Dish Rack

The home Bamboo dish rack offers storage space for the dishes to dry appropriately. Its durable design permits for easy cleaning and also storage. Also, it has accessible slots for the dishes to clear up counter space.

06. Better Housewares DrainFOREST Bamboo Dish Rack/Drainer

The bamboo rainforest dish rack is designed to drain into the sink and also angled downward. This elegant, elongated drying rack firmly fits even the contracted kitchen counter; an identical cutlery cup is fond of and also has holes both in its base, for the draining and also at the sides, for the better airflow and also faster drying of the flatware. The dual-purpose holes also firmly fit over upright rods of the bamboo rainforest dish rack for secure and compact placement while storing the rack. Dishes can be positioned in three spots – front, side and also diagonal.

07. Anchor Hocking Bamboo Dish Rack

The rack is purely made of bamboo, which is durable and light-weight. The rack offers two shelves of space, and also is foldable for a quick storage. Additionally to the fact that the shelves are well designed to a quickly aerate and also dry. Therefore one would be hard compelled to find it as a high-quality rack.

08. LEORX Folding Bamboo Dish Rack Dish Drying Rack Holder

This bamboo dish rack is an item with a 2-tier, which basically adds a very nice addition to the kitchen decor and also it is an environmental friendly prime to organize the dishes, cups and also bowls after washing. The top rack is capable of holding plates while the bottom level is capable of hold cups, the serving pieces and other more

09. Totally Bamboo Collapsible Compact Dish Rack

Totally Bamboo’s Compact Dish Rack helps one to dry the dishes with a style and also spruce up the kitchen. It has the Compact design which holds a good amount of dishes thus saving the counter space. Totally Bamboo’s Compact Dish Rack is a beautiful and also functional addition to any.

10. Jago WRGL016 Bamboo Dish Rack

This bamboo disk rack has no need for a room or no need for a dishwasher. This is a flexible drying rack which can be folded and also put away when not in use is far more appropriate. It’s Sturdy and also moisture-resistant bamboo which is especially suitable for use in kitchens. It has a natural look as well as it is more attractive and also its simple design fits very perfectly into any furnishing style.


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