Bamboo Flowering Time and what happen after flowering?

Bamboo flowering is one of the unique phenomena, and in this, the bamboos in a given area grow hug to form bamboo seeds, and finally, it dies. The uniqueness to this plant is that it flowers once in a lifetime. The Scientific investigation that has been carried has shown that there are some bamboo species that flowers in a period of 45 to 50 years.

One myth about bamboo flowering is that all members of a given species will flower at the same period and in a simultaneous form. However, this myth has not scientifically been proved. The flowers of bamboo look similar to that of grass.

When bamboo flowering occur

In most cases, bamboo plant flowers once in 40 to 50 years. However many botanists have tried to explain this view, and most of them have stated that flowering in a bamboo plant of different species occurs in intervals and they take a long period to occur. This interval display can be gregarious, annual or sporadic flowering. Gregarious flowering is a display that occurs when a bamboo plant flowers together. In annual flowering, a flower occurs yearly but does not have any effect on bamboo. Sporadic flowering depends on environmental factors for it to occur.

what happen after bamboo flowering

Most people believe that After flowering the bamboo plant has a danger of dying however this is not the case although many of them do die more so those that species that displays gregarious flowering. The flowering of bamboo produces seeds of large quantities that are typically suspended end to end. This production of new seed may lead to a new bamboo generation which has the same features or may have a different one to those preceded the flowering. Fruiting in the bamboo plant can also have both direct and indirect effect on the ecological balance. One of the effects is that there is the production of new species.

Due to the production of many bamboo seeds, this seeds can attract many rats and rodents in the garden, and this may lead to spread of some diseases to people who are near the farm and hence endangering the life of human beings. Also, the seeds that are produced may be eaten by this rodents, and this may lead to an imbalance of bamboo in the farm. One of the positive scientific effects of bamboo flowering seed is that it increases fertility in rats and also rat litter viable is increased.