Why Bamboo Furniture Is a Great Fit For Your Home ?

Bamboo furniture has a style and beauty of its own. It’s an Eco-friendly choice and most importantly, inexpensive. Further, it’s beautiful and better constructed than any other furniture. Decorating your home with bamboo furniture is something you need to consider for your living space. It’s also light in weight which makes cleaning spaces much easier.

On the other hand; it’s durable, so a piece will last for ages. Examples of bamboo furniture include; sofas, beds, tables, chest of drawers, rockers, stools, couches etc. Even through bamboo furniture has been around for a long time, there is always something new for decorating your home.

Why Choose bamboo Furniture Over Other Furniture 

· Color

Bamboo furniture comes in different colors. You can choose the shade color which takes the color of maple. Furniture is made without altering the natural color of bamboo wood. Alternatively, a bamboo can undergo the steaming process to bring out a darker shade commonly referred as carbonized bamboo. One can also go for stained bamboo which is available in a wide variety of shades and colors.

· Durability

Most species of bamboo are more durable than oak. It’s possible to make strong furniture without altering its natural rustic look.

· Pricing

Almost all bamboo furniture come at a competitive price compared to other furniture sets. Bamboo is a low cost material, hence owns a big price advantage over other types of furniture.

· Eco-friendly

Bamboo has earned the reputation as an environmental friendly material. It’s grown and harvested much faster compared to other hardwood trees like oak. In addition, it does not need to be replanted, since it sends up new shoots. Similarly, it does not need pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to thrive. So far, bamboo has earned the reputation as one of the renewable resources in the planet.

· Maintenance

Bamboo furniture will require little maintenance. It only requires occasional dusting with a dry or moist cloth just like most of the things in the house. With time bamboo develops a natural shine .It also adapts to weather and temperature. The natural dust in the bamboo ensures it does not rust or accumulate mold easily, hence you don’t have to worry whether you live in a warm place or not.

· Selection

Furniture designers have come up with many innovative designs to choose from. They feature variety of styles and finishing.

· Resistance to shrinking and swelling

Bamboo furniture will rarely shrink due to atmospheric changes.

What Factors You Should consider Before buying Bamboo Furniture

Whenever you plan to purchase bamboo furniture, it’s recommended that you take a furnishing expert with you so. When shopping for high quality, Eco-friendly bamboo furniture, you need to;

· Decide the type of furniture you want to buy

There are so many styles of bamboo furniture to choose from. It’s recommended that you take time to go through them. Decide whether you wanta table, a chair, bed frames, cabinets etc. You should shop for a piece that complements your existing furniture and décor. Look for furniture that fits your room unless you intend to remodel or decorate your room. Always think about the overall theme and style of your home. However, there is nothing wrong with enhancing your contrast with other styles of furniture so long as it’s not exaggerated.

· Identify a reputable retailer

When shopping, ask how the furniture has been made. Since there are many fake bamboos in the market, you want to be sure you are buying original furniture. Consider the durability and sturdiness of the furniture. However, it’s quite easy to identify a fake bamboo. Many artisans will only make high quality furniture when bamboo is harvested naturally. It’s recommended that you look for retailers who have specialized on bamboo furniture. Check what other customers are saying about the furniture. By looking around, you will get a better idea for your home.

· Consider the cost

When looking for decent bamboo furniture, you should consider the cost. There are so many online shops that will give you affair deal. This will give you an option of larger selection at discount prices. Most of the furniture is fairly priced when you consider the complicated manufacturing process.

· Ask about return policies and warranty

A warranty is an excellent indicator of quality. You want to be sure you can return the furniture if it breaks immediately after purchase. The best furniture will come with longer warranties against all manufacturing defects.

How To Maintain Your Bamboo Furniture

Although bamboo furniture is often referred as sturdy and indestructible, much attention should be given to it. The main reason for taking care of bamboo furniture is water exposure. When dampness increases, it’s subject to rotting and mold attack.

Bamboo is simple to maintain and will look great with years .You should keep water exposure at a minimum especially for outdoor bamboo furniture. On the other hand, some bamboo species will not tolerate prolonged exposure to sunlight. If your outdoor furniture is designed for outdoor use, it’s recommended that you keep it in a well sheltered area.

· Routine Cleaning

Wash the furniture regularly with a soft sponge to remove all harmful debris. Alternately, you can use furniture oils like linseed to maintain the luster of the bamboo. The oil plays a significant role, since it prevents the furniture from cracking making it perfect for those who live in areas with low humidity. Cleaning should be done with natural soap and detergents. Rinse well using a moistened sponge. However, you should be very careful since other detergents tend to discolor or damage the sheen of your bamboo furniture. One should never attempt to seat on a furniture made of bamboo until it completely dries.

· Annual maintenance

If you live in a more humid climate, washing should be done once in every six months with anti-mildew additive. Use a soft-bristled scrub brush to avoid interfering with bamboo fibers. If age or weather has caused your bamboo to crack, use a grit sand paper to fine the area and remove frayed sections of the bamboo. Apply wax to recondition the tone and color of original material. Make sure you dry well to prevent further damage. Sanding should be done when the furniture is completely dry to avoid shredding the fibers.

· Stain removal

If you spill substances to the furniture, you should wipe immediately to prevent permanent staining.

In recent years, bamboo furniture has become popular. The huge demand is as a result of durability, sturdiness, elegance and low cost. With proper care, it can last for a lifetime. If you want to incorporate bamboo furniture in your home, you should start with a few pieces. You will definitely be investing in furniture that will serve you for many years to come.