12 Best Bamboo Garden Ideas You Should Never Miss

Bamboo Garden:

Now a days many people are attracting to bamboo garden . Have you thought of incorporating live bamboo into your garden? Some are hesitant to add a bamboo plant in their garden due to concerns arising from the fact that it grows to be extremely tall. They fear that they may overtake the other plants living there.

However, the growth of this exotic plant can actually be controlled with the right knowledge about its growth pattern. They can even grow in small place and indoor. A bamboo plant is often used as hedges and barriers, but with an expert’s advice, it can add to the overall appeal of your garden.

Moreover, it is easy to maintain as it only requires a little light and minimal care – that includes some love and affection from your side. It is, in fact, one of the most common elements in traditional Asian styling of decorating the interior or exterior of the house, and in gardening. It helps create a peaceful atmosphere and relaxing ambiance to your backyard.

Some of the techniques used to manage your bamboo garden are to make sure the bamboo does not spread too far. That includes planting it within a barrier or a planter and pruning it regularly. The best way to do so is to trim from the top where you could notice that the stems are thinner and easier to handle. It would help to find a dedicated bamboo trimmer to serve the purpose.

Meanwhile, before starting to create your bamboo garden, it is important to decide what type of bamboo to plant. The size will determine whether you will grow them either on the ground or in a container. Factors to consider in choosing the type of bamboo plant include the soil and climate in which you intend to set up the bamboo garden.

Some of the common choice of bamboo plant to grow on the ground are the lucky bamboo plant (for those wanting to incorporate Feng Shui designs), Pseudosasa genus and Golden bamboos (for tropical climate), Phyllostachys edulis, Phyllostachys vivax, and Phyllostachys parvifolia (for cooler places).

For those planning to use containers, best bamboo plant choices are Borinda papyrifera and Fargesia bamboo plant. It is also important to understand that there are two categories of bamboo plants based on their root structure called rhizomes’. They are classified as either clumpers and the runners.

There are also some varieties of bamboo plants that exhibit a mix of the two. Clumpers usually thrive in tropical climates while the runners live in temperate regions. The runners are the invasive type and hard to manage as their rhizomes run far and wide.

Choosing the right location to grow your bamboo plants is also an important step to take before setting up a bamboo garden. Make sure the soil is well fertilized, weeded and mulched.

Do the tips lessen your worries to incorporate live bamboo? If yes, here are our 12 landscaping ideas that will help you design your bamboo garden.

12 Landscaping Bamboo garden ideas

#Bamboo Garden idea no 12. Live bamboo plants that serve as a three-dimensional wall can bring life to the corner of your garden. Adding some stones bring more vibrancy.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 11. A bamboo hedge can provide a sense of screen privacy in your backyard. Make sure, the hedges are narrow that they do not overwhelm the space.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 10. Want a warmer feeling? Bamboo edges can just give you that while covering the fence that separates your yard and your neighbor’s. You can grow bamboo plants together this way through a clumping method. It is best suited for limited spaces.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 09. Live bamboo plant allowed to grow atop the wall gives more height to a bare wall. This idea, which creates a minimalist feel and a beautiful view from the living space, however, needs to be pruned more frequently to keep it functional.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 08. Need a shady place to have a long chat with your buddies? This landscape design is simply adorable and gives glorious character. Are you thinking of having a cup of tea or coffee in a cozy ambiance? Chairs shaded by large evergreen bamboo trees can give you a relaxing secret garden feels. Bamboo plants will offer you a soothing sound every time the wind blows as it also makes you feel like you are in harmony with the mother nature. The design below however requires a plastic root barrier from surrounding garden bed to prevent root from growing extensively.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 07. I’m loving the idea by which the bamboo plants are strategically positioned in such a way that enhances the pathway to the house. The stones along the edges of the walkway seamlessly add to the appeal.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 06. Here’s a cozy corner of a bamboo garden that creates romantic feels. How about bringing your significant other here to share a glass of wine? The surrounding bamboo plants and other vines simply bring love and warmth that makes this place perfect for couples to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It is also a perfect place to entertain guests.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 05. As mentioned earlier, planters could be the best way to control the growth of bamboo plants. The idea below perfectly exhibits the concept. Aside from helping to control bamboo from growing, the rectangular planters can also help in shaping the bamboo plants into a hedge-like shape to serve as a beautiful barrier. On the flip side, root growth could be a major challenge when bamboo plants are grown inside a planter. They would require more frequent watering to avoid roots growing extensively.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 04. If you can find an area in your house that can contain an indoor bamboo garden as pictured below, then you can grow bamboo plants that do not require regular pruning. Just make sure to keep the ceiling of the space open to help the plants grow taller and denser every year.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 03. This idea is phenomenal for someone wanting a forest feel within the garden and who does not mind to see the bamboo plants growing to extremely tall.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 02. Here’s an idea for small gardens where live bamboo plants along the home enhance the concrete ground floor. A regular trimming however is required to avoid the plants from blocking the view of your home.

#Bamboo Garden idea no 01. Who would not love a living tunnel idea for your bamboo garden? In this concept, the bamboo plants are grown to extremely tall and arched to form tunnel-shaped edges of the walkway along with some vines. Have you thought of a garden wedding? With a little decoration, this is just perfect for a bridal march.

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