The best Natural Bamboo Handicrafts For Your Family

Bamboo Handicrafts

Bamboo has become part of many cultures. It has unparalleled growth speed and widespread growing range. Today, there are many bamboo handicrafts products in the market. However, if you have access to a bamboo plant, you’ll discover how to make them with ease. The easiest crafts to make include;

Bamboo baskets

Bamboo baskets form part of decorative item in your home for storing craft supplies and other items. To make a bamboo basket, you’ll need; a bamboo, scissors, a knife, tapestry needle and a string. Use the large knife to cut the bamboo vertically into four planks. Starting from the backside of the bamboo, divide the halves into layers. Make bamboo strips with scissors in equal lengths.

Gather 3 pieces of bamboo then wrap them at the end with a string. Curve the bamboo to make U-shape, and then tie the ends with a string. Use the tapestry needle to stitch the bamboo pieces. Pick another 3-piece bundle and wrap the string around it for about 6 times. Continue adding bamboo and repeating the process until you reach your desired size of the basket. To finish the basket, wrap the string around the top coil of the basket.

Making bamboo floor mats

Bamboo handicraft mats have been used in houses for centuries. To make bamboo floor mat, you need bamboo poles that are not more than four years old. Cut the poles into the required length. Remove all the nodes of the bamboo culm, and then use a spade to make a vertical cut in the bamboo pole. Move the spade back and forth to widen the crack. You can also make the crack wider using your hands. Scrap away the white inner lining of the bamboo using the blade of the shovel. If you don’t clean the inner lining, the bamboo is likely to be attacked by insects.

Once you’re done, cure the bamboo. This is done by placing water into a tank, and then mixing it with boric acid. When mixing the contents, it’s important that you put on some gloves. Submerge the flattened bamboo and then you leave it for about two days. Remove the bamboo from the mixture and stand it on its end to dry. Make sure there is plenty of air circulating around the bamboo.

Bamboo bell

This is a unique bamboo handicraft. You need 8 bamboo sticks that measure 30 cm and two coconut shells. Make eight holes in the sides of the coconut shell using the drill and a small one at the middle of the coconut shell. Cut the yarn into 9 pieces one that measures 25cm and the others eight should measure 5cm.Cut one piece of coconut shell into many small pieces. Bind the tip of the longest bamboo stick into the middle of the coconut shell. Bind the rest of the 5cm bamboo sticks on the 8 holes you had made earlier on the side of the coconut shell. You can paint the bamboo to make them more beautiful.

Bamboo flute

The hollow culm of the bamboo makes it perfect for making woodwind instruments. The bamboo flute is an intrinsic part of Japanese and Chinese cultures. A flute is unique in terms of size, tuning and playing technique. To make a flute, you need to find a nice piece of bamboo with a hollow diameter and without any suspicious holes. Make sure the bamboo you choose has a node which will work as a cork. It will also aid in bringing out a proper tone. Remove all the branches and sand the bamboo

From the node, measure 2cm and make a line with a pencil. Cut along the line with a hacksaw. Secondly, mark the centre of the bamboo. Select where you want the key of the flute to be, and then drill 6 holes 2mm in diameter. Down to the blowing edge, the holes should measure 2cm, 1.5cm and 1cm respectively. To clean up the holes, burn the splinters using the candle.

Where to buy bamboo handicrafts

If you are having trouble making any of the above crafts, you can buy them from a reputable online retailer like Amazon at a pocket friendly price.