Bamboo Nursery:A Guide To Buy Bamboo plants

Bamboo Nursery :

If you are looking for bamboo plants to make your landscape unique, you should visit a bamboo nursery. There are many species to choose from based on your needs. You can buy bamboo plants for a privacy screen, wind breaks, hedges or purely for ornamental beauty.

In any reputable nursery, you will find experts who are well trained. They will guide you on species identification to suit your needs. Most nurseries offer bamboo plants at affordable prices. A good nursery should assist you to create a garden of your dreams.

Factors to consider when buying plants from a bamboo nursery

· Purpose

Why do you need bamboo plants? The uses of bamboo are endless. Most bamboo varieties are perfect for making evergreen hedges and privacy screens. Based on the hedge you wish to create, you can choose between the clumping type or running type. Clumping bamboo will grow tall much faster but spread slowly. Likewise, runners will spread much faster but you will need to construct a root barrier.

· Look desired

If you want to buy bamboo for ornamental purposes, you should select canes with stripes or colors. Similarly, you should consider the growth habit. Bamboo can be bushy and wide, narrow and vertical, dense and airy while others arch at the top. In terms of leaves, you can select those that are long or thin, striped or variegated etc. However, young plants may not show the colors you want. It’s important that you listen to what the experts say.

· Climate condition in your area

What is the lowest and the highest temperature tolerated by the root system? It’s recommended that you select species that will tolerate high and low temperatures. You should check the humidity levels, sun/shade ratings and temperature from your area for the last 10 years before you buy the plants. Cold temperatures are likely to kill the forage. Varieties like Chusquea and Fargesia will not tolerate hot summer nights.

· Maximum height

What is the maximum height reached by the various species? If you want plants for indoor use, you want to be sure the nursery has short varieties. Similarly, if you want bamboo for outdoor use, you should consider the tall varieties. Those varieties that like warmth and humidity grow tall and have a large diameter.

Looking for the best bamboo nursery

The best way of finding the perfect bamboo nursery is by conducting an online search. You will get plenty of information about different growers. It’s recommended that you narrow down the search to your area. Compare the prices before making a decision which nursery you should buy your plants.

Secondly, check what other customers are saying. Most customers will talk about the level of customer service. You don’t want to contact a bamboo nursery where you will not be given attention to details.

Thirdly, check how long the business has been in existence. Bamboo nurseries that have been in existence for long is a clear indication they are reputable. Make sure you request for a quote for the plants you’re interested in.

If you are buying online, you will have to be specific about the species you want. Make sure you provide your delivery address.