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Bamboo trees are tall, fast growing, and straight trees. These have a lot of benefits to mankind. Their benefits are not limited to providing shade and shelter to wildlife, but rather they are important sources for everything a man does. From eating, to using in everyday life, bamboo trees are considered an essential and an irreplaceable item in the world.This is because of their enormous uses. These uses are not just limited to a particular industry or type of work but rather can be spread over many industries and help many users all over.

What are bamboo products?

Bamboo products are those products which are made primarily from bamboo. These products do have other elements to support them as well. However, the main ingredient in them includes bamboos. Not only are bamboos used in construction but are also used in human consumption. These trees are involved in making variety of items. Some of these items broadly include; sheets, watches, cutlery items, fuel, beer steering wheels and many others.

It is easy and recommended to make products from bamboo as these items are long lasting. Since this is wood, there will ever be chances of it rusting or going bad. Moreover, bamboo is very strong and can bear a lot of weight and force. Therefore, making houses and steering wheels out of it is a widely followed suggestion worldwide.

Different bamboo products.

Let us now delve into the world of bamboo products and read up the different uses of this single bark of a tree and the numerous benefits it provides to us humans.

1. Textile

Bamboo textile products are famous and renowned worldwide. The basic reason why bamboo products are known and accepted is because the bamboo cloth is very soft and comfortable.

It feels almost like a baby’s skin. The cloth is silky and has a fine finesse. Bamboo cloth can be shaded or dyed in any color. Also color once applied, is firm and does not wash away or fade out. Not only is bedding made out of bamboo but even hosiery items are made from bamboo.

2. Home

In constructing as well as in beautifying your homes, bamboo is a must. Bamboo shoots are used in laying the basic groundwork and in construction. These strong, thick wooden barks bear the weight of the entire construction and provide a firm structure to the house.

Moreover, bamboo shoots are used occasionally as decorative items, which are creatively placed and aligned together in fashion so as to emit an aesthetic appeal. Also, bamboo bedding is famous throughout the world as it is comfortable, soft and smooth.

3. Industry

Bamboo provides raw material to many industries. You will be amazed to note the type of industries bamboo provides its uses too. Bamboo is used extensively in the food industry. Bamboo shoots are consumed by short heighted people as it is assumed that eating bamboo shoots will give them a tall height.

It is also used in the beer industry and there are many flavors of beer that incorporate bamboo. In cars, the steering wheels are made of bamboo. Since bamboo is strong and can withstand pressure, steering wheels which are subjected to pressure from the driver can bear the intensity only because they are made of bamboo.

In the farming industry, bamboo is used in making greenhouses, fish traps, fishing equipment and fences to guard and protect animals. Sometimes bamboo is also used in constructing musical instruments, toys, cutting boards and many other unimaginable things.

4. Paper

Paper is essentially made out of wood. Therefore, bamboo is also used to make paper. However, it is easy to think that only writing or printing paper is made out of bamboo, instead, newspaper, toilet paper, cardboard etc. many other things are also made out of bamboo. Also since paper can be recycled and reused, this also ensures that there is minimum wastage in the society. By recycling paper we can end up saving more bamboo trees which can be used for many other purposes in the future too.

5. Sports

Unbelievable! Right? You will be surprised to know that bamboo is an integral element in making sports equipment. You will be more amazed to learn that bamboo is used in making bicycles, skate boardsskate boards, long boards, baseball bats, cricket bats and even balls. This is because these items need to be strong and should have capacity to withstand pressure. A baseball will hit as hard as it can only if it is light weighted and can bear pressure. Therefore, sporting equipment which needs to be lightweight and strong is often constructed using bamboo.

6. Fishing

It is just amazing to have such a multi-purpose item in the world. Bamboo is an all in one necessity. It is used to make fishing rodsfishing rods, fishing nets, fish traps and even containers. Since it is wood and it cannot rust or go bad, it is safe to use it underwater and even leave it till there is no bait. Also since it is strong, it can withstand the high winds blowing by the sea. Therefore, fishing necessities are also made from bamboo.

7. Renewable energy

Since this is wood and wood is always used as a source of fuel, bamboo is also used as a renewable energy resource. Bamboo is burnt not only in households to provide fuel for cooking but also in industries. Since even after burning wood, the leftover can be recycled and used, this energy resource is a valuable one.

Also, bamboo went burnt, turns into charcoal; this charcoal is again used for burning and providing energy and fuel to households and industries. It should also be noted here that burning wood against liquid fuel does not do as much damage to environment as liquid fuel does. Therefore, using bamboo as a source of energy in industries is widely recommended.

All in all, bamboo is a multipurpose, multifaceted material that mankind has gotten its hands on. However, it is equally important to protect this resource and not destroy it completely or do nothing to revive it. Bamboo reforestation should be done in areas which are conducive to bamboo trees. Since this product can help us in so many ways, it is essential to not let it go but rather ensure that they keep growing again and again.

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