Information About Bamboo Seedlings

Bamboo seedlings:

Bamboo is a perennial plant found throughout the world and can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Many people like it for its fast growth and negligible needs. They use it to make natural screens or just to enhance the decor of their homes. One of the well known types of bamboo plants is lucky bamboo plant. Growing bamboo seedlings is not a difficult task. Here is how to do it.

The fertilizer required

Feeding the seedlings appropriately is inarguably the single most important part you would need to take care of, once it has been kept inside your home. A good advice here is to select a bamboo fertilizer rich in nitrogen, which happens to be an essential minerals required for the robust bamboo growth. The good thing about these fertilizers is that they are relatively cheap and hence affordable by all. Mostly liquid form, they are immensely helpful in caring for the plant, particularly during the initial stages of its growth.

Attention required

If you happen to have other varieties or size of bamboo seedlings in your home then make sure you give proper attention to them as well. Most nursery plants would usually come within a small pot so that you can easily plant the same in it and grow from scratch. It will be enough to hold the plant growth for a few weeks to two months. Only under exceptional circumstances you need to replant it somewhere else.

The maintenance routine consists of using water to mist the plant once a week; distilled water is a better choice here. Tap water should be avoided at all cost since it contains contaminants or harmful chemicals. With time, you will see the plantlet grow and become a strong and beautiful bamboo that everyone is proud of.

Advantage of growing bamboo seedlings

You get to experience the overall growth pattern from the start

There are several ways in which growing a bamboo seedling from the starting stage is beneficial for you, the main reason being that you get to experience the overall growth pattern from the very start. You would be in a much better position to observe the plant from close quarters, to regulate and monitor every aspect of this tiny seedling’s young life.

You would know how to do molding

You would be molding it from scratch, which would be very beneficial to the plant in the process. You will find it easier to keep the plant healthy since you would already know it inside out. Additionally, it is always easier to keep a seedling healthy than to make a sick seedlings and trying to restore its good health. Hence it is advisable that you get a bamboo nursery plant or shoot and start keeping the proper path from day one. Dehydration, disease or bug infection that usually affects a seedling would not affect yours as you will find yourself in a very good position to eliminate all such risks.