Bamboo Tea : Benefits are Amazing Do You Know ?

Benefits of Brewing Bamboo Tea

we heard the name of different kinds of tea like black tea,green tea,oolong tea etc.But do we know about bamboo tea ? yes bamboo tea is a very popular now a days.There are so many benefits are in bamboo tea.Before writing about bamboo tea benefits we should know the benefits of tea.

The great benefits of drinking tea are becoming widely known to the rest of the world; this is what the  Asian countries have been familiar with for years. While ancient Chinese doctors prescribed tea as an elixir for immortality and a cure for headaches, modern scientists today enlighten us some more on the benefits of drinking tea.

Tea helps keep our dentition and mouths healthy. Compounds found in tea can fight cavities, and contribute to reducing plaque by killing or suppressing growth and acid production of cavity causing bacteria in our mouths.

Tea contains numerous antioxidants. These help slow down the aging process and can help cells regenerate and repair themselves. Many studies also suggest that antioxidants assist in preventing cancer.

Tea may reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack by preventing the formation of dangerous blood clots in the arteries.

Tea keeps you hydrated. Every cup of tea you drink (especially those lower in caffeine) counts as a cup of water towards your daily intake.

Tea helps to boosts the immune system.

Tea can lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that drinking green tea daily can reduce your risk of hypertension by up to 50%.

Tea may assist in the prevention of diabetes. There is some evidence to suggest that green tea might help lower the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.

Tea aids your digestive system. Used for thousands of years as an after-meal digestive aid, tea can also help relieve stomach cramps.

Take advantage of the relaxing qualities of Bamboo Tea by brewing up a cup tonight and enjoying it with a long relaxing bath. Be sure to wrap yourself in these luxurious bamboo bath towels when finished. Or enjoy your cup of hot tea with a good book and snuggle up with this incredibly soft bamboo blanket. Prefer waking up with tea? Prepare a pot in the morning and sip while easing into the day in your comfortable bamboo robe

Bamboo Tea Benefits For Nails and Hair.

Many people consume Bamboo Tea for stronger nails, bones, and hair. Does it work? , Are there other benefits of Bamboo Tea that could affect our health positively?

Do you want healthier nails and longer and fuller hair? Consume lots of Bamboo Tea! I know this doesn’t sound very much like a trendy beauty tip, but it had been proven scientifically that Bamboo would assist with healthy nail and hair growth.

Probably you have tapped your knuckles against a piece of bamboo in the past, well that thick and dense feeling you get after hitting the bamboo is the reason why it’s great for your nails and hair. 70 percent of Bamboo is comprised of silica and silica is a vital trace mineral for hair and bone health.

There is too much emphasis on consuming a lot of calcium in your diet if you want healthy bone while it is that the countries with the greatest rates of osteoporosis are those with the highest per-capita calcium consumption.

If you want stronger nails, bones, and hair, you should get more silica in your system even more than calcium. Our bones and scalp tend to lose silica as we grow older, so if you’re going to pop a supplement pill for your hair and bones, try something with silica, like the Bamboo Tea.

It does make sense that bamboo since it’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world, would also be perfect for growing nails and hair?

Traditional Uses And Bamboo Tea Benefits

A study that examines traditional bamboo usage in Korea-Japan says traditional Korean medicine utilizes the bamboo leaves shocked in hot water usually at 100°C (212°F; boiling point). The researchers developed an extraction method in even higher temperatures. The procedure not only yielded greater amounts of valuable extract but also with a significant increase in the immune activity, for instance, it is said to strengthen the natural human killer (NK) cells, which aids in the protection against cancer.

Research tells us that silica is always accumulated in the leaves of bamboo tissues throughout their lifespan, not only during leaf opening. The benefits that our nails and hair derive from Bamboo tea comes majorly from silica.

Nutrition For Hair & Nails

We require plenty great sources of fats, protein,  and oils for our optimal health and our hair is no different. If you want thicker, fuller hair, your need to nourish your hair with the macronutrients mentioned above. Sipping Bamboo Tea is a magnificent way to get the silica needed to boost your hair growth. Silica, also referred to as silicon, can also be derived by eating certain food like Bram cereal, bananas, mineral water and whole grain slices of bread, they all consist of silica.


Eight of every ten people tend to be deficient in silica, and If you require healthier hair, stronger bones, and nails, you need to get some more silica in your diet plan. Drinking Bamboo Tea is one very efficient way. You can also improve your silica level by using supplement pills that contain silica, of course, it will help encourage natural and healthy nail and hair growth, naturally. Now that you know some imperative benefits of Bamboo Tea you should begin to consume it. Here’s to a healthier you… Cheers!!