Top 10 Best Bamboo Toothbrush For Your Family

Bamboo Toothbrush

Knowing is empowering, be smart by knowing that oral care products are not the same. There are two different types of toothbrushes and those mainly made from grass are environmentally friendly while others made from rubber and plastic are not. The Bamboo toothbrush is environmental friendly. Listed below are the top 10 best bamboo toothbrushes based on customer reviews.

10- Brush with Bamboo 

These toothbrushes have got the handle which is made from bamboo and the bristles are soft. The packaging is nicely done and comes from a plant as well. The packaging is considerably attractive, neat and comes in a pack of four.

The curves on the handles ensure you have a good hold of the toothbrush, the head shape and size makes the brushing easier. The size is suitable for all age groups. They can reach even the most difficult areas to brush in the mouth. They are good both for children as well as adults and come highly recommended to use.

9- The Green Root 

The toothbrush has a tapered brush head with soft bristles. The packaging comes in a box of four. The bristles are long with a light angle and longer bristle at the tip that can reach the back teeth well. The tapered end ensures that you can easily brush all your teeth regardless of the location in the mouth. The handle is comfortable to hold and the bamboo is pleasant to touch. The toothbrushes make the brushing experience enjoyable and unforgettable because of their unique design. Both adults and children are recommended to use.

8- Cand

This bamboo toothbrush comes as a total of 8 toothbrushes and have an ultra soft toothbrushes complemented by bamboo charcoal.

The kids love them because they are easier to brush since it doesn’t hurt like a normal toothbrush.The eight toothbrushes ensure that you have long-lasting use and experience. The pack was also done in consideration for those having big families. Easily It works fast on yellow teeth and can have instant results after a short period of constant use. It is recommended for the whole family and worthy to give a try if you have yellow teeth.

7- Woobambo 

It comes with an Eco-toothbrush for kids and in a pack of 2. Packaged with recyclable materials.The whole package is, therefore, bio-degradable.

The size is perfect for children and they can grip the handles well and the head is a good size for their small mouths. The bristles are soft against their teeth and gums. It is recommended for use by the whole family. There are fun colors suitable for children. It is perfect as it comes with great consideration for children. It’s environmentally friendly because the recyclable materials help to reduce trash and plastics around homes.

6- Purity Brush 

The handles are from bamboo and the bristles are made from Nylon. There is a better handling of the toothbrush since the bamboo handle is designed to fit the hands perfectly.

The bamboo toothbrush is smooth and comfortable in the hands, and the bristles soft and perfectly stiffed. The small head ensures that it can fit into any mouth including the kids without any problems. The kids love it as they are able to hold the toothbrush perfectly well when they are brushing. The paper box is completely bio-degradable which reduces plastic and trash around homes as well.

5- Izola

This product comes as a set of 4 toothbrushes and the handle is made from bamboo. The bristles are made from Nylon and there are inspiration words engraved on the toothbrush.

The bristles are soft which makes the brushing of teeth quite a good experience. the children like the toothbrushes as they are soft in the mouth. These words engraved on the toothbrush: Contemplate, Concentrate, Ruminate and Meditateare motivating to users and they fit well in that quiet environment when you are brushing the teeth. Whenever you pick the toothbrush, you are bound to read the words written on it.

4- Earth’s Daughter

The toothbrushes come in a set of four per pack. They have curved soft bristles designed to brush better and are perfect to the most sensitive teeth. The handle is long and water resistant.

The bristles are soft which makes brushing of teeth to be gentle and memorable. They are especially kind on kids because of their softness. The long handle helps to reach the back and corners of the mouth without encountering any difficulties. Though soft, they are durable and can last long. Highly recommended for those who have sensitive teeth.


3- SenzaBamboo

The handle is from bamboo and comes with a bio-degradable packaging. The bristles are from Nylon and are BPA-free.

The packaging is really beautiful and the bristles are soft which makes them suitable for both adults and children. For those who love beauty, they will enjoy using this product as it is nicely designed and beautifully packaged. The beautiful package helps to lift the overall beauty of the bathroom. The toothbrushes as well last long even with constant use. Those concerned about the earth have a satisfying experience knowing that the whole product is environmental friendly.

2- Well & Good

The toothbrushes are available in black and mint green colors which are quite conspicuous. They have charcoal that can fight the germs. The germs are the major contributor to the bad breath and charcoal is there to kill them.

The bristles are long which ensures that they reach those difficult parts unlike when using an ordinary toothbrush. The handle can he held comfortably when brushing the teeth. It gives good brushing experience to users and very good to those concerned with their health as it kills the germs causing bad breath in the mouth.

1- ModestPlanet

The bristles are medium in strength and are BPA-free. The handle is made from bamboo and designed to be held perfectly by users.

This bamboo toothbrush is significantly light, and makes it easier to use by adults and kids. Complementing to that, the handle has contours which makes holding it easier and comfortable. The bristles were specifically made to accommodate those who are more and less sensitive to pain when brushing the teeth. They are durable which makes it worthy for your money. It was manufactured to suit everyone concerned with the sensitivity of their mouths.

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