What is Bamboo Tree Its Uses and Benefits

What is Bamboo Tree ?

Bamboo is a very common tree which is found mainly in Asia and Africa. The trees are extremely tall and are usually found in the rural areas and near water bodies. The bamboo leaves usually remain green throughout its lifestyle unless there is a forest fire. The average lifespan of a bamboo tree is around 20 years.

The bamboo tree is also considered as one of the strongest trees and is capable of surviving harsh weather conditions. Bamboo is also used for a wide variety of purposes. It also has some medicinal properties.

Some of the uses of bamboo tree are:

1. Building roads and bridges:

Since it is extremely durable and strong, bamboo is widely used for construction purposes throughout the world. It can support a large amount of weight, which makes it ideal for constructing bridges in the rural parts. You will find plenty of bamboo bridges in India and Cambodia.

2. Feeding purposes:

In Asia especially, bamboo is widely used for cooking purposes. In lots of Asian dishes, bamboo shoots are used. Bamboo beer is also quite famous in Africa and Asia. Apart from that, bamboo is also the favorite food for pandas and elephants.

3. Scaffolding purposes:

Because it is environment friendly, bamboo is also used for scaffolding in many places. In Hong Kong, bamboo scaffolding is much more popular then metal scaffolding, because it is affordable and it is also available very easily.

4. Used for construction of fishing equipment:

Bamboo is one of those rare materials which you can easily bend but is very difficult to break. Because of this property, they are widely used in the construction of fishing equipment. In countries like Vietnam, fishing boats are also made of bamboo. They are extremely light and very easy to maneuver. Bamboo is water resistant and these bamboo boats allows the fisherman to enter into narrow channels where commercial boats can’t enter.

Some of the benefits of bamboo tree are:

1. Weight loss:

Just a small glass of bamboo shoot will help you stay full for several hours. And one cup of bamboo shoot only contains half a gram of fat and just thirteen calories.

2. Strengthens your immunity system:

Apart from helping you to lose weight, bamboo is also very good for your immunity system. It contains a wide variety of minerals and nutrients which are extremely good for your health. Having a strong immunity system will help you to avoid common infections like cold.

3. Good for your digestive process:

In case you are suffering from digestion troubles, bamboo leaves can help you out. When bamboo leaves are processed and used to make tea, it creates a compound which is extremely good for your digestive system. After drinking this tea, your stomach will make much better.

4. Helps to keep the sugar level in check:

Bamboo leaves can also be used to balance the sugar level in your body. It contains fiber which will help to regulate your sugar levels and prevent diseases like diabetes. Bamboo leaves can also be used for detox purposes.