Exploring the benefits of bamboo wood

Bamboo wood is a substitute to nature’s endangered rain-forest hardwoods. It’s versatile, smooth and harder than red oak. It can be split in different sizes and lengths .Today, bamboo is a well known outdoor hardwood thanks to its superior qualities and characteristics.

When the wood is treated, it’s able to resist insect attack. Similarly, it holds well in different kinds of weather and looks beautiful. The increased use of bamboo wood has led to huge economic impact and emergence of new products.

Benefits of Using Bamboo Wood Over Other Woods

· Strength and durability

Bamboo is naturally designed for strength. The unique composition makes it flexible and lightweight. Structural engineering tests have shown that, bamboo has high tensile and is stronger than most hardwoods. It can substitute any kind of wood for construction purposes.

In addition, it contains different chemical than most hardwood, which makes it better suited for gluing. Bamboo is easy to grow making it one of the best construction materials around. Any construction done with bamboo wood will stand the test of the time.

· Pricing/availability

The raw materials of bamboo are easily available at reasonable price. However, prices may go a little higher for processed bamboo wood.

· Ease of use

Woodworkers can enjoy working on their projects using bamboo wood. However; some may require some special care depending on the species.

· Versatility

Some of the common uses of bamboo wood include; making furniture, flooring, decorating interiors, making kitchen cabinets, among others. The wood gives a beautiful choice for projects that will be exposed to different weather conditions. It will last for decades with the right maintenance. The grain can run either vertically or horizontally to give a classy construction that everyone will enjoy.

· Eco-friendly

Most hardwoods take about 30 to 50 years to mature. However, bamboo takes 3-7 years minimizing potential damage to surrounding environment. This means when you are using a bamboo wood, you are conserving the world’s forests. Bamboo has contributed to green building.

. Color range

Depending on the species of the bamboo, the wood can reflect different color choices ranging from dark brown to dark red. In some cases, woodworkers can add color to make the wood look different. Bamboo has the same natural coloring as pine. It can be caramelized to create a deep brown color. It does not discolor and will actually look more beautiful with time. It can also be stained to add beauty with any color you may have in mind.

. Grain texture

Since bamboo is in the grass family, it does not growth rings like other hardwoods. It features a uniform texture making it easy to work with.

Bamboo Wood For Construction

A bamboo wood has high strength-to-weight ratio which makes it a suitable construction material. It’s one of the most sustainable and versatile building material. A bamboo is usually cut and laminated into planks and sheets, then glued and compressed to form a finished wood product.

The quality of wood depends on the manufacturer and when the bamboo was harvested. The wood is then treated to avoid rotting and insects attack. Recent research has shown that bamboo is an ecological construction material. In developed nations, the wood is considered an essential material for earthquake architecture. It can tolerate high values of deformations in the elastic range.

A wall built with bamboo wood can sway back and forth during an earthquake. On the other hand, bamboo has natural attractive color, hence does not need to be polished. It’s also an affordable construction material.

How to Maintain Bamboo Wood For Construction Purposes

The wood should not be placed in a humid area. It should be stored at least one meter high or in a vertical manner. If it’s used as a finishing material, it should be well treated. Secondly, you should not attach the timber with nails that are commonly used in wood. Instead, a nail gun should be used to avoid scratching the material.

Bamboo Wood kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo wood cabinetsgive an alternative to traditional woods. Such cabinets are considered to be more durable than wood. There is no better way of adding value to your home to appeal potential buyers than through bamboo kitchen cabinets.

One of the main benefits of bamboo wood cabinets is that they are easy to maintain and does not easily chip. This is a guarantee the cabinet will last for years. Secondly, they are affordable compared to other wood solutions in the market today.

Most of the cabinets are sold as a ready-to-assemble product. In fact, they come with instructions on how to assemble .Since they are light in weight, it’s easy to do it yourself without seeking for outside assistance. It’s recommended that you buy the cabinets only form reputable dealers.

How to take care of bamboo wood cabinets

· Avoid using abrasive products

· Wipe the cabinets with a damp cloth then dry well to reduce the chances or rotting

· Do not use harsh chemicals on the cabinets

· Ensure the bamboo is well sealed to keep it looking good as new

Bamboo Wood Flooring

Bamboo flooring can come as engineered veneer wood planks or solid wood planks. One of the factors to consider when deciding on the type of wood to use, is durability. If you are looking for a floor that will last for ages, bamboo wood floor is the way to go. Research has shown that bamboo is 25% harder than maple and oak woods.

This type of flooring is design-friendly, naturally beautiful and complements the overall aesthetic appeal. The installation will require specialists who understand how to use the material. Make sure you discuss the bamboo flooring options including pricing and warranties.

Types of bamboo wood flooring

Most people tend to lean on those floors that are smooth, bright or those that optimize the general beauty of the room. There are three types of bamboo wood flooring that fits your needs. They include;

· Solid 

It’s the most pure piece of bamboo flooring. It’s derived from young bamboo plants and is durable.

· Strand 

It’s twice the strength of oak wood flooring. Pieces of bamboo are heated and placed under a heat-press machine to press the components into one.

· Radiant heat

This is bamboo flooring that integrates heating elements.

Care and maintenance of bamboo wood floors

As a way of preserving beauty, regular maintenance is required. You should use floor mats in high traffic rooms to avoid scratches. In addition, you should dust-mop all the dust that is tracked in by shoes. If you want to keep the floor shiny, use a dump mop and wipe without leaving any traces of water.

In summary, bamboo wood remains the most sought building material. It’s most appreciated because its beauty and unreachable qualities. As you shop for bamboo cabinets or floors, keep in mind that bamboo is a quality wood that will serve you for ages.