32 Surprising Benefits of Bamboo

Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo is beginning to be recognized in many facets of our lives. It has many attributes that you may not know about. We will outline the 32 surprising benefits of bamboo for you. As you do your research you will be amazed at how versatile this plant can be, from eating it to wearing it and even building long lasting and beautiful items for your home it is truly a wonderful plant.

32. Revamp Your Bedroom

DIY your bedrooms with a handmade bamboo head and footboard that can be as high as you want them to be and enjoy an unusual and unique bedroom look.

31.Wall Covering

Split the big pieces in half the long way and put them up on your walls for an interesting texture instead of wallpaper or paneling.

30.Decorative Ladder

Make a ladder to put in the bedroom to hang your quilts and blankets from for an old world look.

29.Sustainable Jewelry

If you are into DIY projects, bamboo is an amazing and sustainable item to work with. Jewelry is one possibility you could try your hand at.

28.Outdoor Privacy and Shade

Bamboo is incredibly strong, and it grows fast so it is a sustainable item you can enjoy as it grows before harvesting it at any stage for the projects you may have in mind. It makes a great shade for the windows!

27.Bamboo Planters

Enjoy the simple beauty of bamboo planters! Cut them to the length you want, saw a hole in the middle and drill holes in each end and a few on the underside. Use the holes on the end to string them together, or just to make a hanging planter. You can stand them up and use short pieces like you would a traditional pot.

26.Build a Bike

Become adventurous and DIY a bicycle! The strength of bamboo will give you a unique item that will attract attention. It is rust proof and long lasting.

25.Musical DIY

Enjoy music? Create a flute to play and entertain your friends! Bamboo is naturally hollow so it is easy to work with. There should be plenty of online videos to learn how to play your new flute.

24.Climbing Plant Trellis

Got a garden with climbing plants like peas or beans? Get a few poles and fasten them together, add a string to have something the plants can climb and you have an inexpensive support for your plants. Morning Glories filling up a trellis in full bloom are indeed beautiful.

Make cages for your tomatoes with small pieces and wire then in a circle so your plants are supported as they grow. Another idea would be to create a small arbor for the entry of the garden and let vines of flowers or ivy grow on it for a green entryway.

23.Indoor Privacy Screen

Bamboo also has many indoor applications! Create a privacy screen much in the way you would make a garden fence! It is adjustable to go anywhere you want it: around a desk while you are working, to create an entryway for the front door. A big privacy screen could be used to separate twin beds in a room.

22.Lightweight Trailer

You are an avid biker and are looking for an inexpensive way to make a trailer to haul things your backpack isn’t suited for. Get into your DIY spirit and make a small trailer with bamboo that will help with the heavy loads! You will need to get wheels and fashion a hitch, but you will have a durable wheeled platform to move your supplies! Add sides for a higher load and better containment.

21.Picture Frames

For more indoor DIY projects, 32 surprising benefits of bamboo continue with an amazing picture frame! Completely original and simple to assemble from short pieces of bamboo- maybe you have leftover pieces from your privacy fence that you can use to construct this lovely piece.

20.DIY with Your Kids

Another DIY is one you could make with your kids. It is easy to do and nice when finished. Make a bamboo wind chime for your garden. It isn’t the same sound as a metal, but it is soothing and may help keep birds out of your plants!

19.Curtain Rods

Get original and save a ton: DIY bamboo curtain rods for the windows! Simply cut to size and add rings to attach the curtains for a unique look that is original and inexpensive.

18.Lamp Shades

Use small pieces of bamboo to encircle a lamp shade for an entirely different look in the living room or bedroom. Arrange the pieces around the shade and tie together with string or wire. You could make shades for the ceiling lights as well and turn your room into a tropical paradise.

Isn’t it amazing all of the things you can make from bamboo? Everything from edible shoots for your health to many DIY projects you can make with the 32 surprising benefits of bamboo! Thinking of a way to hide your deck supports, or making your deck look like and exotic get away? Read on for more bamboo tricks you can do yourself!

17.Beautify Your Deck

If you are looking for a new way to transform your deck into a more inviting place to be, get bamboo poles and use then to cover the ugly underneath of your deck and hide the supports! Build a privacy fence around the deck rails for a tropical look. Need shade? Attaching bamboo poles together will make a nice sun shade and it will be light enough for two or three people to put up.

16.Outdoor Furniture

Furniture making is also in the realms with bamboo! Adirondack chairs for outdoors under your bamboo shelter would be a great addition to your outdoor entertainment. If you are really crafty, try a garden bench that doubles as a planting table with two heights- one for the seat and the second for the back and the plant table.

Bamboo is an invasive species, once you have it and in a climate where it will grow, you will have plenty to work with as it is fast growing! You will find more than the 32 surprising benefits of bamboo! You are really only limited by your imagination and skill set.

15.DIY Gazebo

Need a summer enclosure to entertain in your garden or back yard? Bamboo is excellent for making a nice gazebo! You can always attach screen to it for a screen house and a bug-free environment to enjoy with family and friends.

14.Biodegradable Baby Diapers

Did you know bamboo is also used to make diapers? It is biodegradable and will not fill up the land with insoluble plastic! Now, that is a surprising idea for the environmentally aware parents!

13.Make Your Own Pipe

Do you smoke? Make some interesting pipes from bamboo!

12.Going Fishing

Fishing poles, back scratchers, baskets can also be made from bamboo. Think of being by the pond on a lazy day with friends or your children and throwing the line out into the water to catch some fish that you will clean and eat! It is quite an experience when you can do it with a DIY fishing pole.

11.Rain Gutters

For the homeowner looking for an original and inexpensive solution to rain gutters, split bamboo in half, when it is dry; coat it with polyurethane to enhance the water resistance and mount in place of the gutters on your home.

10.Lucky Plant for Housewarming

Small plants make nice housewarming gifts to give to your friends. Simply get a decorative pot and transplant a small piece into it. This is also a good luck item for the owner!

09.Bamboo you Can Wear

You can now get bamboo fabric to make clothing and sheets for your bed. It is soft and breathable like no other fabric made! It is great for cooling in the heat.

08.Cover your Windows

Window blinds can be another DIY project as well. String small pieces together like you are making a fence and install in your window.

07.Target Practice 

Have some fun and make a blowgun to use for backyard target practice. The hollow bamboo makes a great item to use for this little DIY project.

06.Beautiful Flooring

Flooring: are you looking for a green solution to the flooring in your home? A DIY you need to be experienced to create a floor, or you can get a flooring expert who carries and installs bamboo flooring for you. The rustic look enhances most living areas with its simple clean look.

05.Self Defense Practice

Are you into self-defense? Bamboo poles are used in combat and sparring so this is another possibility for you and it is easy to DIY.

We are almost to the end of the 32 surprising benefits of bamboo and we hope you are inspired to research your own ideas and make up your own crafty ideas as well. There are thousands of things bamboo is used for, a lot of them are edible and yes, you can find recipes online to give you ideas for cooking and serving it. Your new culinary adventure should be well received!

As you read through the last few on the list, your mind should already be thinking of the things you can make and enjoy with bamboo and a few friends to help you on your projects. There is nothing like a DIY adventure for some good family fun and bamboo offers many of them!

04.Outdoor Fencing

Bamboo poles can be attached together to make an attractive fence and you can cut them to the length you wish to use, it is flexible so it can be bent into any form to create a new design around your garden or back yard

03.Skin Problems Helped

Bamboo also helps with Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) due to the properties in the shoots. As you can see, the health benefits of eating bamboo shoots are amazing and once you look further, you will find even more versatility in this list 32 surprising benefits of bamboo.

02.Asthma and Allergy Help

Bamboo shoots have a positive effect on asthma and allergies. When eaten, bamboo shoots help to lessen airway inflammation, making it easier to breathe. It is loaded with antioxidants that help with swelling and stress in the respiratory system.

01.Diet and Weight Loss

Bamboo shoots are edible! They are loaded with fiber to keep you full, they lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and they are good for your nerves and brain, protecting you from stress.

There we have 32 surprising benefits of bamboo! There are so many more applications that it can be used for, it is the prime source of food for pandas as well. The shoots have been used by humans for centuries for medicine in other countries but it is only just beginning to be used worldwide.

Bamboo is easily grown, sustainable. And can be an invasive species if left unchecked. Growing it in large pots will keep it contained so it doesn’t spread and become a problem in local ecosystems. The pots are also nice privacy fences when the bamboo is tall enough to be in front of windows and it will add shade to reduce cooling costs in the summer months.

As you see, it is a source for clothing and even biodegradable diapers. Bamboo could reinvent the way we do many things from clothes to housing!

Bamboo is rapidly on the rise in popularity because of the versatility this plant can offer. From health remedies and supplements to clothes and housing! Our 32 surprising benefits of bamboo is only the very tip of the things this valuable and sustainable resource can be used.

The more that it is applied, and word gets out; this could become more than just a “rage” item that is going to disappear in a few weeks or months. The health benefits alone make it well worth trying and growing in a manageable pot. The rate of growth can be phenomenal and sometimes as much as a foot a day has been reported.

Enjoy your trip into bamboo discovery and we are sure once you delve into this readily sustainable plant and decide to grow your own for using in any of the ways outlined here, and remember you are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to enjoying this versatile addition to your sustainable gardening.

Get the family involved in a few projects and have a new bonding experience that you will enjoy for a long time, especially if you are building memories that last! Who knows? You may just find a new occupation once your talent is discovered by more than just family and friends.

You may be on the way to a family business that is good for the environment. It would be nice to have a sustainable occupation that could net a considerable sum for you and your family in the long run.