The Best Non invasive Bamboo Species For a Privacy Screen

Non invasive bamboo is the best option for those looking for privacy screen or wind breaks. They are evergreen making them suitable for those looking for decorative plants. They thrive well in semi-shaded cooler areas. Unlike other runner varieties, this bamboo does not take over your yard and will not escape from containers. However, low temperatures can result to severe foliage damage. When searching for the right non-invasive bamboo for your yard, you should select those that are suitable for your climate.

Why plant non invasive bamboo in your yard?

First, they are perfect if you have the desire to plant bamboo in your home and you have limited space.

Secondly, most varieties can grow up to 10 feet in a year. The fast growth rate makes them perfect for blocking your neighbors’ view.

Thirdly, they come in variety of colors ranging from dark green, yellow and red colors. Further, they can be planted in rows to form an attractive hedge that can easily be maintained to a certain height. The non invasive bamboo thrives well in low-light conditions and can be potted to add beauty to your décor.

Non invasive bamboo species

· Fargesia Robusta(pingwu)

It’s one of the best species used as a hedge or screening plant. It features non- invasive root system and is capable of growing up to 5 meters high. The culms are light green and measure 2.5 cm in diameter. The foliage is dark green in color and can act as a privacy screen for your yard. New shoots develop during the spring season which adds to the texture of the bamboo. It grows well in semi-shaded areas and in areas with direct sunlight.

· Fargesia Rufa

It’s also referred to as green panda. It’s capable of growing up to 8 feet tall with a clump diameter of 0.5 inches. The bamboo is heat and cold tolerant. The stem expands a few inches every year.

· Fargesia Murielae (umbrella bamboo)

It’s a popular species in Europe. This bamboo is evergreen and features attractive stems. The culms arch over each other. It’s non invasive and a popular choice among gardeners.

· Fargesia scabrida

It’s an evergreen bamboo that can thrive even below zero temperatures without damaging foliage. The bamboo can grow up to 4 feet high. It does well in semi-shaded or areas will a lot of sun. Fargesia scabrida grows well in containers.

Borinda Papyrifera

It’s also referred as the `blue panda’. It features grey or blue culms. This bamboo can grow up to 7 meters high and the culms are 4cm in diameter. It grows well in areas with moderate shade.

Bambusa Oldhamii Giant Timber Bamboo

This bamboo is non invasive and can grow up to 55 feet high. The canes are pink in color and measure 4 inches in diameter. It’s hardy and can grow in areas where temperatures are as low as 20 degrees. The canes are straight; hence the bamboo is suitable for construction purposes.

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Green hedge bamboo (Bambusa Multiplex)

It’s commonly used for hedges and screens. The bamboo forms a dense screen toward the ground once the side shoots appear. The canes can grow up to 18 feet high. The leaves are bright green in color while the sheaths are white which brings a striking contrast. As the cane matures, the sheath drops.