Why Chinese Bamboo Is Unique And Versatile In Nature

A Chinese bamboo requires a lot of nurturing. It thrives in well-drained soil and moderate sunshine. However, the plant does not grow like other bamboo species. In fact, it does not break the ground until it reaches the four year. It’s used in china as a symbol of longevity due to its flexibility, durability and strength.

Why does Chinese bamboo plant take so long to grow?

The plant requires a lot of patience and dedication. When the seeds are planted, watered and fertilized, no sprout comes out after one month. There is still nothing to show after the second and third month. Most people will definitely quit after this point.

The Chinese bamboo comes out after 60 months and will grow up to 90 feet in just six weeks. You can actually see as it grows. The reason why the bamboo takes so long to grow is to spread the roots deep and wide into the ground.

In case watering and fertilization stops within the five year period, the bamboo will die. Once it’s fully established, the bamboo gains enough strength and can withstand the force of heavy winds.

Uses of Chinese bamboo

· Shoots are edible

During the spring season, new shoots starts to develop. They are used as food recipe in many vegetarian restaurants in China and in other Asian cultures. It’s believed the shoots have high fiber and low fat content.

· It’s used to make Chinese natural chopsticks

The chopsticks are strong and versatile. In china they give an ecologically green alternative to wood. Since the Chinese bamboo is a hardwood, they are durable. In fact, they don’t swell or absorb water. The chopsticks can measure up to 27 inches and are brown in color.

· Chinese bamboo food steamer

You can steam your favorite fish or meat without necessarily leaving your home. It’s multi-purpose and provides a fast and simple way of cooking. You can cook variety of foods with the steamer to surprise your family.

· Used for making musical instruments

The bamboo has a hollow trunk and can make wind-based instruments like the Chinese bamboo flute. This is an instrument crafted from Chinese bamboo. It does not crack or wrap when exposed to extreme temperatures.

· Used for making poles

The bamboo is used to make poles of different diameter and lengths commonly used for construction purposes.

Care and maintenance of Chinese bamboo

Until the bamboo breaks the ground, you should keep watering and fertilizing. On the fifth year the plant is fully established and hardened enough for harsh conditions. Ensure the area you have planted the seeds is not exposed to the sun throughout the day.

Where do you buy the seeds?

The most difficult part of planting bamboo seeds is their availability. Research has shown that, most bamboo species will produce seeds once in their lifetime. For the Chinese bamboo, the seeds are available at selected online retailers like Amazon. They are carefully selected from healthy bamboo plants. Once you buy the seeds, it’s recommended that you follow the instructions before you plant them to your desired location.

Chinese bamboo can only be grown by someone who is patient enough. If the plant is not given proper care, it will die before it breaks the ground.