Creating Fast Growing Privacy Hedges With Clumping Bamboo

Clumping bamboo is non-invasive. You can plant without fear that it will spread outside the assigned territory. New canes spring within the base of the clump while the shoots appear very closely to the mother. Every rhizome develops into a single culm.

Depending on the species, the height can range from 8 to 25 ft. Clumping bamboo looks great in a decorative pot and can be used for hedging. In addition, it requires little maintenance and can reach its mature height in just four years. Most clumping varieties are shallow rooted and can be grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

Clumping bamboo varieties

Thamnocalamus tesselatus

It’s sun loving, wind tolerant and prefers mild shady climates. The bamboo is capable of growing up to 15 feet tall.


It originates from mountainous region of western China. It grows well in very hot or humid climates. Although it can tolerate considerable amount of sun, it requires some shade during the afternoon hours. Depending on type, the height can range from 8 to 16 feet. Some of the species of Fargesia bamboo include; Fargesia Robusta, Fargesia sp. Rufa, Fargesia sp.Scabrida among others.


It’s tolerant to cold and is best suited for Mediterranean climate. For it to thrive, it requires shade for most part of the day, low humidity and well drained soil. Examples of Borinda species include; papyrifera which has bluish-white culms and macclureana which features leafy draping branches.


This bamboo species is less tolerant to cold compared to other clumping species. It originates from South America and some parts of Chile. The bamboo is able to attain a maximum height of 15 to 20 feet. Some of the well known species of Chusquea bamboo include Chusquea culeou and Chusquea gigantean.

Other varieties include bambusa, Giganchloa atter, Schizostachyum, Alphonse Karr etc.

Clumping bamboo for hedging

Most bamboo varieties are perfect for fast growing hedge, since they are bushy and dense. Although most people believe the hedges are hard to maintain, all non-invasive type are easy to maintain. Secondly, they don’t spread to the nearby bush. The hedge keeps you private and does not affect the rest of the yard.

Clumping bamboo species are available in all sizes and can be grown to suit your situation. One of the best bamboo species for hedging is Bamboo Gracilis. It can be used as waist-high hedges, dwarf hedges or taller hedges. Likewise, the Robusta species can also be used as a hedge since it’s quick to establish and forms dark green foliage.

How to grow clumping bamboo as a privacy hedge

First, you need to visit bamboo-friendly nurseries to identify the species you wish to plant. Choose the species depending on your climate conditions. Different species are tolerant to drought or water-saturated conditions. You may also want to consider those that are easy to maintain.

Secondly, consider the sunlight requirements. Clumping bamboo thrives well in partial shade, since most varieties are destroyed by direct sun.

Thirdly, consider the space requirements for your bamboo. Once you identify the right spacing, till the ground and mix the top soil with organic matter. Dig a hole at least one inch deeper than the soil in the pot. Wet the soil and plant your bamboo plants. Be careful not to break any new shoots. Watering should be done 3 to 5 times a week until the bamboo plants are fully established.