How To Take Care Of Your Green Bamboo Plants

If you buy a bamboo plant, it will be one of the easiest things you have ever taken care of in your life. As long as you take care of it and keep it alive, you can benefit from the calming beauty of the plant for years. If you want to have green bamboo plants in your backyard or garden, you need to know the basic bamboo care tips.

Care of bamboo plants involves few steps. Growing bamboo requires taking care of sunlight, water, nutrition and space for the plant. The plant will then take care of itself and also signals when it needs anything. You just have to be aware of the signals like curling or yellowing of leaves. Below are the basic bamboo caring tips that will help you have green bamboo plants.


Bamboo grows well in nitrogenous soil. But it doesn’t require a lot of fertilizers. A weekly spray of diluted fertilizer serves the purpose of nourishment of the bamboo plant. Think acidic! Whether you plant yourbamboo indoors or out, make sure that you plant it in some moderately acidic soil.

When you bamboo plant sheds leaves let them rest on the ground on top of the soil and mulch. This will enable to the soil to stay moist and provide the nourishment that your plant will need to keep growing well.


Most important consideration while taking care of green bamboo plants is its water requirements. The plant grows well in water but can be grown in soil too. When watering the plant you should have a little fertilizer mixed in the water to feed the plant fertilizer high in nitrogen, 21-5-6 is a rich formula you can get at most garden centers and large home improvement stores.

Once a Bamboo is fully-grown you do not have to water it as often. It is when they are young that they need water most. One gallon of water per plant is sufficient. Bamboo is a warm weather plant, and it is best to cover the area around the roots before the cold weather sets in. If you have potted plants, it is best to move them to a sheltered area. Like any other plant, you can cover these on the worst nights.


One of the essential things to consider before growing bamboo is the sunlight requirements of the plant. It only needs indirect sunlight and grows well in the shade. You can keep it near the window out of direct sun. It can also be used to bring natural beauty by keeping it on staircases, hallways or bathrooms.

Planting Multiple Trees

If you’re going for a natural looking yard screen, then the bamboo is the perfect plant to provide it. Plant your plants about 3 to 5 feet apart. Bamboo is a giant grass and each year; your plants will throw up taller and stronger shoots so that annual maintenance of your natural screen may be necessary.


Bamboo will add a beautiful and vibrant green to the lawn. The Green Bamboo plant is also great for helping to absorb some of the carbon dioxides from the air. If you want to do something to erase some of your carbon footprint plant more than a few bamboo.

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