How to grow bamboo plants from cuttings

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. You can use it many purposes like fencing, privacy, decoration and furniture. Many people like bamboo plants for its uses. You can grow bamboo by several ways from cuttings, rhizome and culm.

How to grow bamboo plants from cuttings.

  1. Cut few 10 inches long cuttings from new growth which have minimum two nodes and inter nodes with a sharp knife. But you should keep attention so that the cut is 45 degree angle. The knife should be sterilized by disinfects. You can easily sterilized by diluting bleach or rubbing alcohol.
  2. Keep the cuttings end in the water and let them to stay few weeks. Before that you should need to place the cut ends in the root hormone mixture. You can buy this hormone from any big online store. Use a clear pot so that you can observe the root growth condition.
  3. Use Soy wax or bees wax this will protect your cutting from rotting and drying.
  4. Another important thing is that you should need to clean the water every other day because the water will lose oxygen quickly.
  5. You should wait until the roots are not 2 inches long.After then you will place the cutting in the well prepared pot. The pot should be fill up with one part of sand and 1 part of loamy soil so that the water can easily drain out. Make 1 inch hole in the pot and place the cuttings it.
  6. After placing the bamboo cutting to give it support you should use a stick and tie with the cutting so That it get support.


Growing bamboo from Rhizome:

  1. Take a rhizome and cut off a portion of rhizome with 2-3 growth buds by sharp knife. Carefully clean out the dirt portion because they may cause diseases in the rhizome.
  2. Place the rhizome horizontally in the pot and keep the bud face in upper side. Spread the soil over the rhizome and make sure the rhizome under soil up to 3 inches. Give water by water cane until the soil is deeply moist. But do not give excess water otherwise the rhizome will rot.
  3. Keep the pot or grow bed under shade but slight worm place. It needs medium temperature to spread root. But never place the pot under direct sunlight.
  4. It is need 5 to 6 weeks to grow after then you can plant them in other place at night time. The temperature should be around 55 degree F.

Bamboo growing from culm cutting

  1. Take a bamboo with the age of 3 to 4 years old. Cut the bamboo in paces make sure every piece can contain at least one node and one inter node. Remove the leaves if anyone in them.
  2. Prepare a pot filling by coarse sand and loam soil in equal parts.
  3. Seal the first ridge by wax so that the portion is not rotten. Dip it about 1/8 inch in the wax.
  4. Use rooting hormone because it will help the cuttings to grow roots quickly you can buy the hormone from any online store.
  5. After hormone treatment place the cutting s into the soil and keep the soil moist by watering. But do not give excess water.
  6. Place the pot under worm weather. Do not place under direct sunlight.

Bamboo is a tall and fastest growing plants so people like it very much. Now a days this plants used in modern decoration .So this plant is very much important.