Growing Bamboo Seeds Like Pro

Growing bamboo from seeds is snot a complicated process. Bamboo growing is a successful venture that you should take a run at. The only thing you need to be aware of is what species of seeds you have, and how long ago they were collected.

Seeds that have been stored for long tend to have longer seed dormancy. For this reason, you may need to soak them in water before sowing. Alternatively just put the seeds in a refrigerator for some time before growing them, this helps to soften their toughness.

Here is the step by step process to successfully grow bamboo from seeds.

01.Prepare the growth medium:

The most preferred medium for bamboo seed germination is seed compost. You can either buy this medium, or improvise with your peat compost. Peat compost works just fine as long as you thoroughly sieve it and crush it to fineness. Spread it generously on your germinating tray. Before planting the seeds make sure the compost is warmed up to room temperature (20-25 degrees). This is the practical seed germination temperature for any crop.

02.Break seed dormancy:

Soak the bamboo seeds in water for at least 24 hours before sowing. If the seeds are viable you will notice that they swell with water and sink to the bottom. Signs of the cotyledon breaking will also be conspicuous at this stage.

03.Sow the seeds:

Create tiny holes into the medium for sowing the seeds. These should be at least 2 inches apart to prevent their roots from getting jumbled up once germination begins. Place the seeds in the small holes. Cover the seeds lightly with compost material. Don’t make the mistake of using big lumps to cover the seeds, this impedes the shoots from breaking through to light.

04.Control the climate of your propagator:

Put your germinating tray in temperate conditions. It should be such that it doesn’t get too much direct sun, nor to much shade. After sowing the seeds, regularly check on your propagator to make sure that the compost is moist. The compost needs to be kept moist the whole period from sowing to maturity of seedlings.


There are different bamboo species and they all take varied times to germinate. The longest a bamboo seed should take to germinate is 30 days.

06. Transplant the seedlings:

After all or most the seedlings have germinated in about a month, transplant is the step that follows. Mix fine compost together with sand into 4cm pots .Transplant all the healthy seedlings into these pots and cover with more compost up to the neck of each seedling. Put the pots outside and daily water them generously. Once the seedlings attain a height of about 30 cm you can transplant them to the garden.

If you follow the steps above right, most of your seedlings will reach maturity. Nevertheless, don’t lose heart when you a few seedlings die along the way. I think  now you are clear about growing bamboo.