17 Awesome Health Benefits of Bamboo Leaves You Should Know

Bamboo is a well known multi-functional plant. The leaves are used for medicinal purposes and are a rich source of antioxidants, fiber, benzoic and hydrocyanic acids. In addition, they contain other essential compounds that cannot be found in other plants. In china and Asian countries, the leaves are processed to make bamboo tea. Let’s look at some health benefits of bamboo leaves;

17. Expulsion of the placenta 

Bamboo leaves can be used to clean the womb after delivery. First, boil the leaves in water for about 10 minutes. Sieve the solution to add honey. Drink while still hot to facilitate placental separation. After 2 to 3 hours, the placenta will expel out. The juice extract can also be taken to reduce pain when giving birth and for regulating menstrual cycle. Studies have shown that, bamboo tea is useful in women who receive heavy periods. Taking bamboo tea once a day will help you overcome your menstrual problems.

16. Promotes detox

The leaves of a bamboo promote healthy body cleansing. They are crushed to make bamboo tea. This is a common practice in Asian and Chinese culture. The tea is linked to weight loss since it aids in elimination of toxins from the body. The leaves contain 3.8% of protein, 5% fat and 11% minerals. The most common minerals found in the leaves of almost all bamboo species include riboflavin, thiamine, iron and niacin which are useful in eliminating toxins from the body.

They also inhibit allergy reactions, reduce inflammation and promote blood circulation. Bamboo tea does not contain caffeine and can be taken anytime of the day. The natural anti-inflammatory property of a bamboo leaf supports the detoxification process.

15. Treatment of intestinal worms

Studies have shown that, a bamboo leaf has germicidal properties suitable for killing intestinal worms e.g. threadworms. Some of the components in the leaves are deadly to these parasites.

14. Treatment of ulcers

The decoction from fresh leaves is used in treatment of stomach ulcers. One should take 35 grams of the juice with any other drink, two times a day. For the infected soles on the skin, apply crashed leaves and then cover with a soft cloth. The leaves are also used as exfoliate and are less sensitive to the skin. In china, the leaves are used as an antiseptic when cleaning a wound. It’s believed that the extraction from leaves facilitates healing and promotes blood circulation in the affected area.

13. Treatment of respiratory disorders

Bamboo leaves can effectively treat respiratory ailments. Pick fresh leaves, boil them and apply one spoon of honey. Take the decoction twice a day. It’s effective in elimination of all types of coughs and aids in soothing the throat. Scientific studies have shown that, the mixture has a soothing activity on the lung tissue. The decoction eliminates thick sputum and sensation from the chest.

12. Treatment of lung and stomach heat

In case of stomach heat, the leaves of a bamboo plant can give a cooling effect. Studies have shown that the extracts from leaves can leach out the heat in the heart, lungs and stomach. They are also effective in healing urinary dysfunction.

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11. Restores male fertility

The leaves of a bamboo play a big role in boosting fertility in men. They are beneficial in directing blood flow towards the genital region. In china, bamboo is used as a natural herb for curing erectile dysfunction.

10. Balancing the sugar levels

The leaves of a bamboo plant are useful in lowering the sugar levels in the body and balancing it. They contain fiber which plays an important role in balancing the sugar levels in the body. Further, the good smell that comes from the leaves helps to neutralize the mind. They are also low in calorie which prevents excess weight. Drinking bamboo tea before taking meals can help to balance the sugar levels in the body.

bamboo leaves
bamboo leaves

09. Antibacterial properties

The leaves of a bamboo tree are effective in controlling allergies that affect the skin. Many skin cosmetics contain staphylococcus aureus which can sometimes cause cellulitis, acne and comedo. It’s recommended that you boil fresh leaves and then take one cup a day until the condition disappears.

08. Prevents birth disorder

Consuming the extracts from bamboo leaves helps to prevent maternal hypothyroxinema. Research has also shown that, bamboo aids in proper development of fetal brain which prevents birth defects like autism. The juice also strengthens the baby’s neuronal cells.

07. Promotes hair and nail health

Bambusa bamboo species contains 90.56% of Silica. Silica is a name given to minerals which are rich in silicon and oxygen. The mineral is responsible for strengthening the connective tissues of the body. It also maintains flexibility of bones, skin, nails and arteries. Silica is a trace element in the human body which makes the leaves of a bamboo plant essential in promoting hair and nail health. When growing a bamboo, no pesticides or chemicals are used.

This means, the leaves can be consumed either as a natural medicine or in the dishes. The silica from a bamboo leaf works better compared to other supplements which contain the same mineral. Today, we have variety of body washes and exfoliants that contain bamboo extracts. Similarly, bamboo hair conditioners add a natural shine and luster to your hair.

06. Keeps the skin healthy

The leaves of a bamboo plant contain silica which is used in making bamboo essential oils and creams. Examples of such creams and oils include; Lather bamboo hand moisturizer, nest fragrances hand lotion-bamboo among others. The leaves are also used in making skin care products useful in alleviating eczema and psoriasis. Silica helps to balance nutrients that keep the skin healthy. Further, it aids in the absorption of calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Most of the lotions extracted from the leaves of a bamboo tree have anti-irritant properties. They naturally boost youthful radiance by removing wrinkles. Likewise, the fresh leave extracts builds blocks of collagen which helps to rejuvenate the skin. An example of bamboo soap is the `bamboo vinegar soap’.

05. Treatment of stomach disorders

The soluble fiber from the leaves coats the digestive system to eliminate IBS. Bamboo leaves promotes the activities in the stomach and helps to tone the stomach muscles. The decoction from the leaves is able to curb all gastric-related problems. In addition, the leaves contain antispasmodic properties which aids in the treatment of conditions like diarrhea. The next time you have excessive gas or you experience some bloating, take a cup of bamboo tea.

04. Promotes overall wellness and health

Bamboo is naturally grown. Unlike other drinks, bamboo tea does not contain dangerous components like caffeine. To add some aroma in the tea, you can add jasmine, lemon or mint. This brings freshness and peace in the mind and soul. The micro-nutrients contained in the tea plays a major role on the body’s immune system.

bamboo leaves
bamboo leaves

03. Soothes urination

When the bladder is affected by a virus, it may cause a burning sensation during urination. To get rid of the problem, you should take three cups of boiled bamboo leaves every day. It’s recommended that you select the young leaves.

02. Anti tumor

The decoction from bamboo leaves acts as an anti-tumor efficacy. According to a research carried out by Nihon University School, the leaves have proved effective in fighting spontaneous tumor. The leaf extracts increase in immune-stimulating activities in the body.

01. Balances body cholesterol

A bamboo leaf is rich in dietary fiber. Taking a cup of bamboo tea twice a day can help in balancing the cholesterol levels in the body. One cup of bamboo tea contains 1 g of dietary fiber. The tea aids in cleansing the bloodstream and maintaining cholesterol at the right level.

The leaves of a bamboo plant are not just like the ordinary leaves in your garden. They are easier to be harvested and contain a significant portion of the total bamboo biomass. When processed, they can be used in treatment of different diseases. Pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking any extracts from the leaves of a bamboo plant.