How To Kill Bamboo Plant Safely?

How To Kill Bamboo Plant

There are various instances where one would like to know how to kill bamboo smoothly. Perhaps they just don’t want the plant they once planted in their garden anymore. Or in some cases, the growth of these bamboo has gone out of control, and as a result, they are looking to get rid of the excess growth. The good news is that irrespective of whatever the reasons are, it is very much possible to remove bamboo efficiently.

It is also likely that you may face some difficulties while trying to remove bamboo. This is because this particular plant was having the reputation of being a very aggressive one. The complete removal process, therefore, might just take you a couple of months but eventually, you would be able to remove it. This is why in this article we are going to show you proven methods by which you can get rid of the plant while utilizing minimum effort.

Before starting out, make arrangements for some herbicide and pick something which is thicker and is less likely to affect the rest of your plants. This process begins two weeks before removing the bamboo. What you need to do is to use shears or other gardening equipment and get rid of all of its leaves. Next step is to apply the herbicide which should be sprayed over all of the areas where leaves were connected. What we are doing here is destroying the source of plant food.

Over the course of the next week, you will have to make sure that no leaves grow back since you want to make the root system starve. After a week has passed, pick up the equipment and hack at the base of their shots. This should, however, be done only once at a time.

Once the base of the shoot has been cut-off, the hard part begins. We call this the most difficult because you will only have fifteen seconds to apply the herbicide on the fresh wound. This will ensure that the sap carries poison to the roots, thereby killing the plant in the process. On the other hand, if you take more than 15 seconds then the shoot will retreat to the roots during that short time frame.

These steps mentioned above should be repeated at least a couple of occasions before the plant stops growing altogether. Alternatively, you may also decide to dig out the plant completely off the root. If it is a clumped root, then remove the whole bunch at once and if it is a running source, remove most of the rhizome.

Pesticides may be necessary to protect the plant from pests like insects, fungus, and microbes. They will cause spots to appear on the bamboo.

Bamboo requires specialized seasonal care. If you embed the plant inside during the winter months, you need to take precautions. In cold weather, the soil tends to pack in too tightly. Therefore, ample protection is necessary.

It is suggested that to preserve your lawn you follow the first method. Patience is required to kill bamboo as the complete process may stretch to about three months.

I hope from the above discussion you understand how to kill bamboo plants.

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