What Is Lucky Bamboo?-Everybody Should Know

What is lucky Bamboo?

One plant which is looked at with awe as a source of “luck” to its bearer is the lucky bamboo plant. This plant is a very special type of plant also known by its botanical name ‘dracaena’. This plant has special significance in feng shui, because it is known as a symbol of vitality and strength. Its rapid growth without the need for a lot of care makes it a great indoor plant for almost anyone.

Being a member of the Lily family, it is called a bamboo because its stem follows the same pattern of growth as a bamboo plant shoot. In addition to sharing the name, it also grows in the same region as bamboo. Lucky Bamboo could come in varied number of stalks and each of them carries a different meaning. By belief, a three-stalked bamboo will bring you and your family happiness.

If you want you and your family to have good health, you should have a five-stalked plant. A six-stalked bamboo is associated with peace and harmony. If the stalks number in your indoor plant ends with an eight like 8, 18, 28,38,48 etc., it will bring prosperity to your family.

Care of Lucky Bamboo

Taking care of Lucky Bamboo is one very easy task as it does not require elaborate care routine or methods. One very important thing to consider in your Lucky Bamboo care is the amount of light that your bamboo will get. The bamboo plant will grow well in indirect sunlight whereas if you keep it in direct sun the leaves of your bamboo will turn yellow.

Lucky Bamboo is a good plant for people who love plants but believe they do not have a green thumb. It can be placed in a large glass or a vase of water and it will grow. Use filtered water; water with too many chemicals may lead to the death of your Lucky Bamboo.

It may be surprising to know that Lucky Bamboo can also grow in water, so you need not have soil to grow them. You need only a vase filled with decorative stones at the bottom and an inch of clean water to grow your bamboo in an indoor environment. These decorative stones give a good support to the roots of your bamboo plant.

This species from lily family grows well in nitrogenous soil and doesn’t require a lot of fertilizers although weekly spray of diluted fertilizer serves the purpose of nourishment of the lucky bamboo plant. If you have children or pets (or both), it is important that you take precaution, as the leaves on lucky bamboo plants can be relatively toxic when consumed. This just means making sure your plant is up high enough so it can’t be reached; this will also make it more noticeable.

Uses of Lucky Bamboo

Are you looking to go green? Lucky bamboo plants are a hearty and resilient plant. Chinese have believed traditionally that having this beautiful plant in your house brings you good luck, optimism, wealth, good health and harmony in life. Therefore, this plant can very well be used for gift purposes. Apart from that,  its exotic dark green leaves, red roots and ability to grow into water with an intricate design of stalks makes it an elegant presence in your home.

Lucky bamboo plant is grown indoors and can be kept in various places like bathrooms; staircases and its simple elegance increase the natural beauty of your own home. Lucky Bamboo can be braided up into pillar and pear-shaped arrangements; they can be very elegant and sophisticated for more formal events like weddings.

If you’re on the lookout for something green to make your office table look so welcoming, Lucky Bamboo plant is what you need. Also, since Lucky Bamboo is known to thrive well in water, they can be used in aquariums; It aerates and oxygenates aquarium water, which benefits fish.

Benefits of Lucky Bamboo

The Chinese believe and it is of course true that negative energy around either the house or work place could cause ruins. In a bid to be free of this negative energy which comes with so many negative attractions, Lucky Bamboo should be just after your heart. The Feng Shui produces a balance between the elements like Earth, Water, Wind, Wood, Fire, and Metal that are found in your home, work place or even the location for your celebration.

Lucky Bamboo produces a balance between wood and water. By placing it in the right pot, you can also maintain balance between earth, metal, and fire. The pot you use to place the plant in is the metal element and the rock, which supports the root system of the plant, is the earth element. If you place a red ribbon around the plant, it will act as the fire element.

Though this plant is small and simple, it constitutes all the basic five elements and this is also one of the reasons why this plant is thought to be the best tool for Feng Shui.  Since these plants are commonly used in feng shui as remedies to attract good ‘qi’ or energy, they can be seen in many offices to bring good luck to a business.

Therefore, they are excellent gifts for a housewarming or a new business opening. One other attribute that attracts people to these plants, aside for their quaintness and resemblance to actual bamboo, is the fact that you can control the shape of the plant stems as they grow by rotating the plant so that it receives direct light from different sides and also by tilting it so gravity can act on it from different angles. Why not get your own Lucky Bamboo today?

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