Origin of Bamboo- You Should know

Origin of Bamboo:

Welcome to this article here you will learn the origin of bamboo and the ancient uses of bamboo.

Bamboo is one of the most common plants in the world. In fact, it grows naturally in five of the seven continents of the world, the exceptions being Europe and Antarctica. There are many interesting stories that surround this plant, some of which are true and others less so. One of the greatest misconceptions surrounding this plant is that it is a tree.

You will be surprised to learn that scientifically, bamboo is actually a type of grass. But its close resemblance to trees in width and height does not help in the battle against the misconception. There are many other misconceptions and myths surrounding this plant, which is why you need to learn about the origin of bamboo.

Origin of Bamboo

According to scientific studies, the bamboo plant evolved into the plant known today about 30 to 40 million years ago. But records of its being put to use date way back to around 7 millennia ago. These records pertain to the use of the bamboo products in China. This is perhaps why the plant China is thought to be the origin of bamboo, although there is no proof of that.

The Chinese had many uses for this plant. They used it to make arrows, paper, and books and even as building material. Interestingly, other communities scattered throughout the world also recognized just how important the plant is, and they too had many uses for it.

The origin of the word bamboo is also a subject of heated debate. There are those who say that it originates from the Malay language, from the word bambu. According to this theory, the natives of Malaysia and Indonesia named the plant so because of the sound it made when it was burnt.

Others say that the name is from the Dutch word, Bamboes. This is actually drawn from its Latin name, Bambusa. Although debate lingers about the origin of the name, the Malaysian story is the most popular one.

Ancient Bamboo Uses

Bamboo had a variety of uses among ancient communities. Besides being used as building material in China, the plant was also used in cooking. The ancient Chinese believed that the plant also had many medicinal uses. For instance the leaves were used to soothe away body heat and reduce phlegm.

Additionally, the roots were thought to have revitalizing properties. Juice obtained from the plant was also thought to be an effective cure for asthma. Extracts from the plant were thought to also have strong antioxidant properties, which is why the plant is used as a shield against cancer.

The Japanese used the plant to make weaponry for some of their martial arts. In other parts of the world, such as Peru and Bolivia, the plant was used to make musical instruments, especially flutes.

From time immemorial, the bamboo plant has been the staple food for the panda. In fact, this animal was once called the bamboo bear.


Now that you know about the origin of bamboo, no doubt your interest in the plant has been renewed. It has many intriguing characteristics and is popular among many communities. Without any doubt, it is one of the greatest gifts that Mother Nature gave to man.

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