Potted bamboo for people who live in areas with limited space

Potted Bamboo :

It’s possible to grow bamboo in pots when the right species are selected. This is a good option for people who live in densely populated areas with limited space. Potted bamboo looks stunning. One of the biggest advantages of planting bamboo in pots is maneuverability. This makes them perfect for balconies and other tight spaces.

How do you choose a pot?

Since bamboo is a tall plant, it’s likely to be blown over by winds. A solid low profile pot that is either square or round in shape will make the plant stable. It should also be deep enough to give room for gravel. Consequently, the bamboo plant will remain upright. However, thin plastic pots should not be used, since they might expose the root system to high temperatures. One should use thick-walled clay, concrete or timber pots.

How do you choose the right bamboo for your pot?

First, you have to determine the amount of shade or light required. There are more than 100 varieties of bamboo that can be grown in pots. Before you buy a bamboo that is suitable for your location, you should analyze the plant’s light tolerance, hardiness and growth characteristics. Secondly, you should ask yourself why you want potted bamboo in your yard.

Avoid planting a variety that grows too tall such that it will have to be moved at a later stage. Small varieties come out the best when grown in containers. The right bamboo to plant in your pot is the running type. It’s aggressive and the root system will establish very fast.

The best potted bamboo varieties

· Bambusa Ventricosa (Budda Belly bamboo)

This bamboo is able to grow in partial shade or full sun. It’s capable of growing up to 20 feet tall and is highly versatile. However, when grown in a container it’s able to maintain a small size. One can easily restrict the bamboo in the container by giving it special care.

· Bambusa Malingensis (Seabreeze bamboo)

It’s tolerant to salt and can withstand temperatures below 20 degrees. It’s best used as a hedge or a fast privacy screen. It’s capable of reaching a maximum height of 35 feet. The Bambusa variety should be planted in a well insulated pot. When well maintained, it can be trained to your desired height.

· Multiplex hedge bamboo

It’s pencil-thin and comes in dark green colors. This bamboo belongs to the Bambusa genus and is the hardiest variety in the category. When planted in open spaces, it’s capable of reaching a maximum height of 15 feet. In addition, it’s able to tolerate cold temperate below 18 degrees. Multiplex potted bamboo forms a good hedge or privacy screen.

Care and maintenance of potted bamboo

When bamboo is potted, it will not access underground nutrients. It’s recommended that you use controlled release fertilizers to supply your plant with the necessary nutrients. Regular watering is also a must if you want to grow a healthy plant.

Mulch will prevent water evaporation. In cold months, less water is needed and the plant goes into relative dormancy. Once the plant is fully established, very little work is needed. Always, ensure the plants have plenty of room to grow.

Potted bamboos are perfect for those people who live in tight spaces and don’t want to make a permanent change in their landscape.