Growing Tall Bamboo Plant To Spice Up Your Indoor Environment

Bamboo is one of the unique plants known to man. Not only is it incredibly versatile, it’s also striking to look at. Although most bamboos prefer outdoor conditions, a few species can tolerate indoor environment. There are hundreds of different bamboo species that can be grown indoors. Since most of them tend to get stressed by indoor environment, care and maintenance is required.

Tall bamboo species

Examples of tall bamboo plant species include; the giant bamboo (Dendrocalamus giganteus), phyllostachys nigra, Moso bamboo, Golden bamboo, Semiarundinaria fastuosa, phyllostachys bambusoides among others.

Tall bamboo plant for indoor use

Due to their stunning recreation, bamboo can become the focal point of any room you place them in. However, it’s recommended that you place them close to the window so that they can get natural light. If you want most of the forage to appear towards the top, you can trim the lower branches without hurting the plant. Although most bamboo species tend to grow up to 15 to 25 feet tall, growing bamboo indoors will make the plant attain the size of 8 to 10 feet. To spice up the look of your interior, you should look for those that have foliage that ranges from bold green to golden color.

How to grow tall bamboo plant indoors

· Find a squat pot

The container should be two times the diameter of the root ball. There should be at least 5cm space between the root ball and the sides of the container. For most species, proper drainage is key to healthy growth. Make some size able holes at the base of the pot. Further, use a plastic root barrier to prevent the roots from getting contact with the floor.

· Place the pot on a humidity tray

Place some gravel at the bottom of the pot, then in a shallow tray of water. Ensure the roots don’t soak in water. Alternatively, use a pebble tray. First, fill it with a layer of pebbles then add shallow water to the tray. The pot should be placed on top of pebbles without touching water.

· Fill the pot with well-drained soil

The soil used should be fast draining but also capable of holding moisture. Clay soil should be avoided. Similarly, ensure the PH of the soil is between 5.5 and 6.5.

· Plant your bamboo plant

The root ball and stem should be on top of soil to prevent the plant from rotting. Make sure you press the soil down to get rid of air bubbles.

Care and maintenance of your indoor tall bamboo plant

Growing bamboo indoors come with challenges. However, extra care can be simple once you have the right tools. Some of the tools you need include; hand pruners, small oscillating fan, high-nitrogen grass fertilizer and watering meter.

· Water your bamboo carefully

You should wet the forage using the spray bottle a few times a week. This also creates more moisture in the air. To ensure you have not under-watered or over-watered the bamboo, you should measure the moisture level using a water meter.

· Fertilize your plant

You should apply high-nitrogen slow release formula to ensure the plant is getting the right nutrients. Apply according to the pot size.

· Prune regularly

A bamboo plant will look best when pruned. Remove heavy branches and cut out older canes at the soil level. Pruning should be done once the plant is fully established and healthy. You should remove excess culms at soil level. To add aesthetics on your tall bamboo plant, you should remove the lower branches.

Where to buy

Tall bamboo plants are available at the largest online nurseries. They are also sold by reputable online retailers like Amazon. The plants are carefully selected to suit your taste and preference.