The Top 10 Best Bamboo Blinds In The Market For You


In recent years, bamboo blinds have enjoyed a surge in interest from people looking to add them to the windows of their home. This is because they are a cheap and inexpensive way to add a natural look and feel to almost any room. And with the choice of many colors and tones, they can suit modern or traditional decor, especially that room that require a wood window treatment. Bamboo blinds are designed to change color as they age.

They aim of using blinds is to bring a natural outdoor look to inside the home. They are also environmentally friendly and are a great insulation for both the hot and cold months. Additionally, bamboo blinds not only provide protection against intense sunlight but also have the ability to ventilate air making them attractive and perfect choice for your home.


Health and environmental concerns; rooms that face directly into the sunlight can cause real headaches for you. With blinds that you can easily install, you can control the exposure from the sun whenever you want. As a bonus, you will get a warm, cozy and a real good-looking room especially when the blinds are in contrast with the color of the room.

Financial prospects; a great advantage of blinds before in front of a window that faces directly towards the sunlight is that it saves the paint on the walls inside your house from peeling off. The next advantage is that you can save a lot of cleaning materials because bamboo does not need expensive cleaning solutions to be spotless. The maintenance of bamboo is also minimal which makes them the ultimate solution for interior decor. That leaves you with no risk to damage them with some cleaning solutions as what happens when you have curtains in front of the windows, which you have to clean.

Luxury lifestyle and home security; you can also use bamboo outside on a small shed or patio, which is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee while you want to relax for a few minutes. Although bamboo is no more than grass, you can always depend on something that is durable and sturdy. Another advantage of blinds, which they make from bamboo, is that it keeps the trespassers out while you can see them from the inside. An important advantage of the bamboo blinds is that they are environmentally friendly and worth every dollar, you spend on it.



#01. Arlo blinds petite rustique bamboo cordless roman shade; this is a natural and excellent window treatment for your room woven to filter light. It is constructed from bamboo and other environmentally-friendly materials. This bamboo product is excellent shade for indoor usage and the recommendation of mounting is that, the shade should be mounted ¼ inch smaller than the inside window frame for greater results.

#02. Chicology Epic Bamboo Primrose Roman Shade (72 in. x 66 in.); these are great window treatment any room. They are durable and easy to install. Create rich texture and warmth in any of your room with this bamboo blend roman shade.

#03. Handmade Bamboo Beige/ Brown Roll-up Window Blinds (72 in. x 72 in.); they are crafted by talented china artisans and are colored bamboo roll-up blinds that are a versatile addition to your window’s room. They are easy to mount and operate.

#04. Oriental Furniture Red Phoenix Bamboo Blind; it’s is easy to hang and install, and also depicts a rising Phoenix against the red background. This is a classy blind one can consider for elegance accent for any window. It’s available in 5 sizes, i.e. 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72.”

#05. Handmade Bamboo ‘Mona Lisa’ Window Blinds; these blinds feature the famous image of Leonard da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. They are stunning bamboo matchstick blinds that display natural construction in a classic style or design.

#06. Handmade Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ 48-inch Bamboo Blind (China); these blinds features the painting sunflower crafted by greatest and skilled artists known as Vincent van Gogh. Appreciate the artistic beauty of these timeless bamboo blinds. They can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes to display natural beauty in your room.

#07. US window and floor 2” faux wood blind; this blind is specifically designed for the door, and therefore it’s outside mounted has an installation manual and give your room majestic appearance.

#08. Lewis hyman Chesapeake collection Bamboo Roman shade in walnut; this is a semi-private bamboo shade that covers your window in style while illuminating a room with natural light. This product generally complements many decors.

#09. Handmade Bamboo ‘Kwan Yin’ Window Blinds (72 in. x 72 in.) (China); these blinds feature an elegant kwan yin with lotus design. They are natural classic design handcrafted by skillful artisans. Therefore, it is a valuable and desirable piece for your home décor.

#10. Natural bamboo roll up window sun shade blind; it is sold by thy trading and is effective in sunlight and wind control to your room. It’s made from a high-quality bamboo. Has easy installation and can be mounted either outside or inside of your window.



• When choosing bamboo window blinds, please keep in mind that bamboo is a natural product which colors and hues can vary. They will vary from tint to a brown tint. Avoid the blinds of distinct dye heap.

• Bamboo blinds are for indoors use only. Never use them in high moisture areas because the slats might warp. Bamboo blinds brighten up any rooms and fit well with any tropical decor.

• With proper lighting, bamboo shades have a glow and aura of their own. They are splendid for and artistic and exclusive upholstery decoration. They can be custom made to suit individual requirements. Bamboo window blinds are being used with impunity for decoration in hotels, resorts, offices and homes alike.

• Regarding size, amazingly, bamboo shades come in a wide array of sizes that can be suitable for almost any window. It is necessary also to note that this bamboo blinds may lengthen a little over time. This frequently happens during the summer season. In winter regions, the blinds may contract a little, but the change is not noticeable.

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