Top 05 Best Bamboo Bathroom Shelf For You

A shelf to keep everything organized and neat inside your bathroom is a must if you are a type of person who wants everything in perfect order. A shelf inside your bathroom is a perfect place to store your shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other bathing essentials.
The most common type of shelf used in the bathroom is the bamboo bathroom shelf. It is made of, well you guessed right, bamboo. It comes in different dimensions depending on the size of your bathroom.

Here, we listed the top 5 best bamboo bathroom shelf available and what made them stand out from other bamboo bathroom shelf.

Before we begin, let us learn why bamboo bathroom shelf is better than other types of bathroom shelf; Durable and Strong. Bamboo bathroom shelf is more durable than another shelf that is made up of steel or plastic. Bamboos are known for its strength and durability. It can withstand strong pressure and can sustain the weight of whatever you place on top of it.

Non-Corrosive. Other bathroom shelves, especially those that that are made of steel, can corrode easily due to constant exposure to water inside the bathroom. With a bamboo bathroom shelf, you will not encounter the same problem.Longer life span. Bamboo bathroom shelf can last longer than other bathroom shelves so it is worth your money.
Here are the top 5 best bamboo bathroom shelves available in the market.

#01.Deluxe 5-Tier Freestanding Bamboo bathroom shelf

The sturdy appearance of this 5-tier freestanding bamboo bathroom shelf makes this one of the top 5 best bamboo bathroom shelves. It is suited for medium-large sized bathrooms. The roomy design of each tier makes storage of different bathroom essentials easier. The bamboo that was used were also thick so expect a longer life span due to stronger bamboo.
This design is also available to 4-tier for smaller bathrooms.

Pros: No installation needed. Just place it anywhere in your bathroom as it is freestanding.Easy to assemble Durable and the thick bamboos make sure it can sustain the weight of whatever placed on it.

Cons: Not ideal for smaller bathrooms A bit expensive compared to other bamboo bathroom shelf style

#02. HOMFA 4-Tier Tower Free Standing Rack Multi functional Storage Organizer Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

The HOMFA4-tier bamboo bathroom shelf has a strong and smooth finish making it safe to touch for adults and young children. The 4-tier tower can support a total of 20 kg of the load with 5 kg per layer. The legs of the shelf are sturdy making with built-in fittings for an extra layer of stability. The fittings and the screws, which is the only steel in the shelf is treated with anti-rust so you don’t need to worry about them corroding anytime soon.

Pros: No installation required you can place the shelf anywhere you want as it is also can stand on its own.Easy to assemble Lightweight and easy to place any where Can fit in small bathrooms

Cons: Has the tendency to get crooked due to wrong placement of fittings

#03.Ollieroo 5-Tier Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

The Ollieroo 5-tier bamboo bathroom shelf has 3 upper layers of an open tier and 2 lower layers enclosed by a door. The tiers with a door are perfect storage for your towels to avoid getting dirty or wet. The slatted design of the bamboo also prevents water from staying on the layer.

Pros: Easy to assemble Has an enclosed layer No installation needed

Cons: Not suited for bathrooms with lower ceiling and smaller dimension

#04.Best Living Wall Mount Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

This is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Perfect place to store your bathroom essentials without getting too much space in your bathroom. It is also durable and sturdy with a provision for your towel.
Pros: It can fit small bath rooms has the option to be either wall-mounted or be a counter top Easy to assemble

Cons: Installation is required if chosen to be wall-mount Cannot store a lot of bathroom essentials Can only store up to 2 towels

#05.Natural Bamboo Bathroom Shelf – Towel Shelf Over Toilet

If you’re looking for a large bamboo bathroom shelf but can save space, check out this bamboo shelf that can be placed on top of the toilet bowl. It can accommodate a lot of bathroom essentials without using up too much in your limited bathroom space.

Pros: Space saver Easy to assemble has a sliding door No installation required

Cons: Expensive compared to other bamboo bathroom shelf