Different Types of Bamboo in the World

Different types of Bamboo

Bamboo is necessary to make different things. And it is used as city beautifier. There are different types of bamboo in the world.  The word bamboo comes from the kannada term bambu, which was extracted from English. But it is extracted through Indonesian and Malay.

Certain species of bamboo can grow 91 cm within a 24 hour period. This is amazing growing record and the fascinating characteristic of bamboo is its fast growing.

  1. Feature plant or privacy screen, these types of bamboo is as like the screen. Like window screen. And it saves you to hide from neighbors.
  2. Wham bamboo, this is like grandeur to garden. Its body is thin and mid tall.
  3. Clever canes this bamboo can be used in any garden setting. Its black culms are beautiful.
  4. giant bamboo (Dendrocalamus Giganteus): In Bangladesh, this bamboo called as Barak Bash. It is used during building homes to support. These bamboos are for large gardens.
  5. Running Bamboo: These are low growing and only for balcony. These are only for beautify city houses front.
  6. Ornamental bamboo:Pleioblastus ‘Tsuboi’ best grown in pot or bottle. Can be kept on desk. nice bamboo.
  7. Golden painted bamboo: This type of bamboo called as china gold, because it is seen in mostly in China.
  8. Garden bed. Garden bed: These are for oriental looking. This type of bamboo called as china gold, because it is seen in mostly in China.
  9. Big and bold (Gigantochloa apus). This bamboo grows to 15m tall, but it needs enough space. And this bamboo is using as garden bed. Another name is plant china gold.
  10. Small Hedge(Bambusa Fernleaf). This bamboo is using to beautify building corridors and front door. Its size are little and attractive. Its leaves are nice and weight full and attractive. Sometimes it is using as small hedge or screen.

These are other types of bamboo seen in south Asian countries. Here agro-scientists are working to develop bamboo cultivation for business. India has many gardens and orchards of bamboos, and its houses are made by bamboo since ancient period. Bangladesh has also many species, and cultivating bamboos for money and for making small homes.

  1. Bambusa bambos,
  2. Vulgaris,
  3. Nutans,
  4. Salarkhanii,
  5. Balcooa,
  6. Cacharencis,
  7. Vulgaris var striata,
  8. Dendrocalamus brandisii,
  9. Giganteus,
  10. Thyrootachys Siamensis,
  11. Oliveri

Garden can be oriental, tropical, modernist or simple by beauty or art theories. Bamboos are chosen typically for those. Interestingly, bamboos are fast growing, you will love amazing plants.  Bamboo is used as food and many make cloths from bamboo fabrics.

Types of bamboo in the world are many in statistics. But in some countries it is used for gardening, and in some countries for handicrafts. Bamboos handicrafts are sold in reasonable price but sustainable. And desk plants are in 10 to 100 US dollars. You can start a bamboo garden in front of your front door, it will increase your house’s beauty.