What is Bamboo?

What is bamboo?

In the world every body heard the name of bamboo but actually they do not know what is Bamboo ? Bamboo is an evergreen perennial grass type hard woody and hollow stem plant.It grows all the year round. Basically it grows well in tropical countries.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth with reportable growth rates of a hundred cm in twenty-four hours. The expansion rate of bamboo depends on native soil and atmospheric condition.

Bamboo plant has always had an advantage of being the fastest growing plant in the world. With its ability to reach maturity in 3 short years and regeneration power from itself, it proves itself to be cost-effective too. With so many positive points attached to it, if the only thing bothering you is the look, you must do some research.

Bamboo plants are known as running and clumping type that grow from their shoots, and they have varied rate of growth. But, if you want to have a beautiful bamboo at home you can consider plants like bamboo palm and lucky bamboo plant. Lucky bamboo is a short plant and is known to bring positive energy to your home.

However, a bamboo palm has a size just to fit your needs. It has beautiful green leaves, and the shape of leaves like palm makes it an endearing sight. Unlike traditional bamboo, the leaves of this plant add a look of serenity to your garden and even the interiors of your home. You can grow it in the pots in the same way and fulfill the little requirements of the plant.

Like other bamboo plants, bamboo palm needs to be given an adequate amount of water. Too less or too much of water can lead to the death of the plant. If the leaves of the plant turn yellow or the topmost layer of soil is dry, it indicates that the plant needs water. Growing bamboo plant requires you to look at the curling of leaves too which indicate that the plant is getting an excess of water.

Bamboo palm doesn’t require a lot of sunlight, but unlike other indoor bamboo plants, it adapts itself to sunlight if you want to grow it outdoors provided you give it more water to feed on. It can be grown indoors and then transplanted outdoors according to your choice.

Bamboo palm grows from seeds and requires around nine months of attention the plant grows on its own without needing plenty. Bamboo palm adds a look of elegance and serenity to your home. Its dark-green leaves and their shape give your home the natural beauty. You just need to take little care of bugs and spiders when growing this plant indoors.

I think now you are understand what is bamboo.

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